By Tom Ondreika

Wow!  What a level!   And a long time coming – and when I say a long time, I mean a LONG time.

This level more than any other, gave me a reality on what is going on and has been going on in this sector of the galaxy for a long long time!

I was and still am completely amazed at being able to deal with it.  One of the greatest wins of all  is simply the fact of my being here and having the tech available from LRH.  I know for an absolute fact that it would never ever be discovered otherwise  and even worse, things would continue to deteriorate making it less and less likely.  No one is even trying in fact and there is plenty of counter-intention preventing anyone from solving it.  So I consider you and me to be very very fortunate indeed.

As for wins – my reality on the whole track has expanded many times over.

My postulates work far far better.    My self determinism and pan determinism is exponentially greater.

In many sessions I found myself blowing huge chunks of stuff that had derailed me many times through the years and it’s no longer anywhere around and I don’t think I could re-mock it up if I tried!

There are many many wins I could write but I’ll leave it there saying it is well worth any time and effort it took to get here.

And another thing – I realize there is an infinity of gain that awaits in the future.

A big thanks to Tom and Linda for their very enjoyable and professional help.

Ron could have looked at this place and said – forget it, they’re too far gone – but he didn’t.  Lucky, lucky us!
(And now I’m rolling ahead on NOTs -Damn!)

Manhattan Tom

18 thoughts on “OT III comp

  1. Welcome back from your more than deserved lunch Miss Lana. I know of few who deserved a decent lunch and brief time out more than you.

    And lots of luv too…

  2. Good win. This is a level seldom remarked about, compared to, say, NOTs. I haven’t done it, but I’ve studied what Ron said about it in minute detail. I’ve also heard a lot about it from people in the field who either ran it too light or had other fish to fry. Thankfully, your win conforms to what I would expect from the level.

    In any case, well done to you, Tom, for getting through the level and helping to disenturbulate this sector just that much more. You deserve the wins you’ve achieved.


  3. Such a release to read you all again ! I missed it. Great for being there ! The bridge is such an amazing thing ! Thanks for sharing your win Tom.

  4. I ran the whole 10 yards from beginning to very end as far as OT III could be taken … no ‘on first win’, then off to NOTs … NOPE, went the whole distance well over 130 hours until nothing else could be gotten for running anymore. Got every gain LRH claimed you can get from doing this RD standardly, including being “Fully Stably Exterior”.

    A fantastic action along with OT II.

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