The explanation of the Scientology symbol, the S and double triangle, should be more generally known.

And it should be very well known to executives.

There are two triangles, over which the S is imposed.

The S simply stands for Scientology which is derived from “SCIO” (knowing in the fullest sense).

The lower triangle is the A‑R‑C triangle – its points being Affinity, Reality and Communication. These are the three elements which combined give Un­derstanding.

The upper triangle is particularly applicative to an executive but applies to all Scientologists. It has not been widely known.

It is the K‑R‑C triangle. The points are K for Knowledge, R for Responsi­bility and C for Control.

It is difficult to be responsible for something or control something unless you have Knowledge of it.

It is folly to try to control something or even know something without Respon­sibility.

It is hard to fully know something or be responsible for something over which you have no Control, otherwise the result can be an overwhelm.

A being can of course run away from life (blow) and go sit on the backside of the moon and do nothing and think nothing. In which case he would need to know nothing, be responsible for nothing and control nothing. He would also be unhappy and he definitely would be dead so far as himself and all else was concerned. But, as you can’t kill a thetan, the state is impossible to maintain and the road back can be gruesome.

The route up from death or apathy or inaction is to Know something about it, take some Responsibility for the state one is in and the scene, and Control oneself to a point where some control is put into the scene to make it go right. Then Know why it went wrong, take Responsibility for it, and Control it enough to make it go more toward an ideal scene.

Little by little one can make anything go right by

Increasing Knowledge on all dynamics

Increasing Responsibility on all dynamics

Increasing Control on all dynamics.

If one sorts out any situation one finds oneself in on this basis, he will generally succeed.

Field Marshal Montgomery was supposed to have said that leadership was composed of “knowledge, will power, initiative and courage.” These are assumed qualities in a man. This was good advice but offered no road out or no avenue of increase in capability.

The KRC triangle acts like the ARC triangle. When one corner is increased the other two also rise.

Most thetans have a dreadfully bad opinion of their capabilities compared to what they actually are. Hardly any thetan believes himself capable of what he is really capable of accomplishing.

By inching up each corner of the KRC triangle bit by bit, ignoring the losses and making the wins firm, a being at length discovers his power and command of life.

The second triangle of the symbol of Scientology is well worth knowing.

It interacts best when used with high ARC. Thus the triangles interlock.

It is for use as well as all of Scientology.

7 thoughts on “The Top Triangle

  1. great article ! Great life tool ! Good to read it again. Thanks. Getting to Know something about the state of death for example or state of apathy in general or whatever, taking responsability for it goes with getting hold of a confusing mess a little, a little more and more and more. Not easy but that seems to be a good working tool. Being able now to take action.

  2. Interesting, because we have a church that concentrates on control and looses constantly, despite the apparency they portray. A little ARC goes a long way and does lead to KRC. In fact it is a good experiment, just pick the person you are most in ARC with and try control. Of course with this goes responsibility and knowledge of the person or area and naturally affinity, communication and reality of the person or area.

    The control is smooth and natural, with no blowback if all these factors are in.

    Good article, LRH was right again!!!

  3. Great post, Lana.

    There’s another equally important triangle in Scientology, and that’s Ethics, Admin and Tech, though we don’t call it the TEA or ATE or EAT triangle, or anything. This triangle works in the same way as the others: if one corner falls it tends to pull the others down with it. Conversely, if one corner is improved, the others pick up as well. You can’t get Tech in without Admin, and having Ethics present enables the Tech, and so on. These three are inextricably linked, as are the other two triangles.

    For newcomers to Scientology and visitors to this site, it has to be mentioned that LRH expanded hugely on each point of these triangles in his written works and lectures. We, in Scientology, take for granted that Control means Start, Change and Stop, which is actually quite a large subject. So too are Affinity and Reality large studies in themselves.

    The subject of Responsibility is a whole new world in Scientology: our Scientology dictionary defines it as: “the concept of being able to care for, to reach or to be”, amongst other definitions of this word. LRH writes and talks about Responsibility many times in his writings and lectures, and incredibly, to me at any rate, this subject is not the ogre it might appear to be at first light, it is fantastically liberating.

    Likewise, Reality takes new definitions in Scientology, for instance: “Reality is what the majority agrees it is”, and, “Reality is the agreed-upon apparency of existence.” There are other definitions of these words too, according to which use they are put.

    This all may seem tedious to those who are merely looking for a quick fix. LRH summarized the ARC, KRC, Ethics, Tech and Admin Triangles for easy reference, being as he always was, looking for practical solutions to everyday problems. There is no escaping however, the need to study the subject, to roll up one’s sleeves and devote some time to this.

    Decent everyday dictionaries and the Scientology dictionary are important, but to appreciate the value of these triangles there is no way of escaping having to study, and putting in the time and effort. This is true of every other worthwhile subject and it’s true of Scientology.

    You’re not going to put on muscle mass just by reading about it on the internet. You’ll never make any money by hoping to win the lottery. And you’ll never crack open the treasure trove of cognitions offered in Scientology by reading blogs.

    Find an auditor, find an academy, read the books. ARC and KRC may sound simplistic, but the revelations contained in these triangles far surpass anything else offered by our present society.

    By the way, don’t bother with the, ahem, Church of Scientology. They will fleece you to the point of suicide, and you’ll still be no wiser as to the subject.

    Richard Kaminski
    Independent Scientologist UK

    • Richard, I’ve read many of your posts, and see your sensitivity, awareness, KRC, ARC,TEA (ATE, EAT lol) clearly embroidered throughout your beingness. This post is no different. You, Sir, I find to be among the most caring of all PRACTICE -ing Scientologists!

      Thank you for another posting of sparkling clarity. 🙂

      Calvin ( “racing” literally and in outlook, via our “blood” line)

  4. Interesting how simple, basic truths never get old or dull, or fail to refresh one’s view of life and living. Thanks Lana. I will descend from this mountaintop now and return to the world of fast moving objects and international enterprise. I’m long overdue for an OT party.


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