by LRH

Scientology assumes that every man can be more able than he is. And then goes ahead with very precise techniques to make him so.

Nothing like this has EVER happened before.

A body of knowledge has arisen, has been codified, has been tested, which does certain specific and spectacular things which does not belong lock, stock and barrel to any vested interest in the world. This is fantastic. This has never occurred before.

Dianetics and Scientology today are free. They have no commitments. The organizations have no commit- ments, because the research and development was done with the finance and the assistance of the people of the organizations themselves. There was no huge subsidy.

There’s something to be said for freedom. There’s something to be said for an enterprise and an activity which is done by its own people on their own finance and with their own will to win and not because some- body is paying them a fat salary.

We’ve had very lean times. But always somehow somewhere we’ve managed to work a little harder, just as the good people of Dianetics and Scientology have managed to work a little harder, find a couple of more dollars, which is just about the way it has run. And the end result is that the people of the world, represented by the people in Dianetics and Scientology, own this whole trunkful of material which can resolve the pro- blems of the human mind.

What would have happened today if the Ford Foundation or some other organization had handed into my hands or the hands of the organization some huge sum of money and had said “here now, here we go”? We would be here today knowing nothing about organizations and probably 75% of the material which we have amassed would not be present. There’s a difference between doing things with a dollar and doing them with a will. And not all the money in Christendom could buy the wisdom of Dianetics and Scientology.

We have carried forward from small results, but better than man had before, small organizations that were no bigger than they had to be, up to a point where we’ve got a good sound functioning organization which is financially very capable, that is to say it’s paid its bills, doesn’t have thousands and millions of dollars, but it’s paid its bills, and it can carry along and do what it’s supposed to do.

And more important than that, we have processes today which we could absolutely rely upon to raise somebody’s ability. And we could certainly straighten them out so that they could decide whether they wanted to die or wanted to live. And, if they were not acutely ill, we could do a great deal for them. We don’t know any cases too far south, if they are simply mediumly well and not acutely ill or completely insane—that’s far south merely because there’s hardly any person there at all. But not given that, we have hit pretty much rock bottom. We can take any of the cases now, and we can straighten them out.

We can straighten out any organizational problems that we have, even though some of them might appear greater to you than they do to me.

We have then arrived. We can do what we say we can do.

It means a better life for an awful lot of people, a much better life.

We’ve not only arrived, we’ve arrived without being owned. We’ve arrived with nobody to say us nay about how we use what we know.

We don’t have to use what we know to sell this or that or push this or push that. We don’t have to repress a paragraph here and a book there. We can say anything we know.

And because we ourselves, you, me, people in the organizations, can say what we want to say, and use the material any way that we think it should be used, it will then be used for greater freedom and for an all out advance for Mankind.

And that’s why I’m here.

Excerpted from the lecture “Goals of Dianetics and Scientology”, 1955, by L. Ron Hubbard, part of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.

11 thoughts on “An all out advance for Man

  1. And huge kudos to Ron for realizing this truth about the effect of government or foundational money on Scientology. For his purity of purpose the pragmatic nature of his thinking. Scientology and its wisdom belongs, not to Ron because he worked it all out. It belongs to all of us. And what happens to it and the uses to which it is put are up to us.


    • Exactly, Paul!
      Makes you wonder how much gets done at organizations receiving grants – so much of their time and money is spent looking for money and on bureaucracy to ensure guidelines.

      • PID:

        I’d say most foundations and the like exist for two reasons: first to forward a toxic agenda, and two to ensure their own continued existence. And I’d guess that their activities are roughly divided equally into those two endeavors. I suspect very few of these organizations benefit mankind or their ostensible public in any significant way, without doing significant collateral harm. And they know it.


        • You’re preaching to the choir here, Paul. I agree, when there are outside bodies “giving” money there’s always strings attached which is to further their agenda and keep them going (i.e. do you really believe that an organization supposedly dedicated to ending hunger really wishes to eradicate hunger knowing that it would dissolve if the problem were solved? Of course not, it’s a front)

          • Ian:

            Ha! This is why I persist in telling people that cancer will never be cured. There is too much money in the search and too many people being paid to do the searching. If you ever really found a cure for it, think how many people and businesses you’d put out of work. And anything that comes close to a cure (e.g. laetrile) gets banned. Same thing with the FDA’s ban of L-tryptophan as a natural sleep agent.

            Another problematic side effect of this kind of “conspiracy” is that the publicizing of it and others like it make people start to believe that there are conspiracies everywhere and everything is a conspiracy. Yes, there are plenty of conspiracies to go around, but not everything is. And sometimes it’s very hard to tell the difference.


            • Paul,

              Yep, “Who Killed The Electric Car?” delves into this re: big oil and fuel companies. I believe Tesla himself had resolved some energy issues and these were killed.

              I agree that it’s tough to tell which conspiracies are real and which are fake. Personally I believe it’s less likely to be a conspiracy vs. similar mindset on the same goal than coordinated, but some people are so quick to dismiss conspiracy theories they ignore actual occurrences. While I dislike InfoWars generally per its slant and conspiracy pushing, this is one of their better articles: https://www.infowars.com/33-conspiracy-theories-that-turned-out-to-be-true-what-every-person-should-know/

  2. Love this lecture! The materials are Free and for USE! Use them! Beautiful!
    LRH materials are there, you have the Freedom to use them. What a a beautiful freedom.
    I wonder what evil SP DM says about this ?

  3. Ron was very wise not to take money from “charitable” grants or individuals with another agenda. Too bad the Church of SPECTRE now has many of these types of people on their “Patron” rolls.

  4. A brilliant statement by Ron, taking a broad view of Scientology.

    The few individuals who “say us nay” are unfortunate.

    Most of us love free flights of fancy, stories, music, the arts, fun and play, jokes, sports and games, a lightness of heart, joy in surprises, enthusiasm in our projects, pleasure in company, an appreciation of each other, a bright and optimistic frame of mind, imagination and initiative. The body and the physical universe have none of these.

    We are the lucky ones.

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