by LRH

Scientology is a science of life. It is the one thing senior to life because it handles all the factors of life. It contains the data necessary to live as a free being. A reality on Scientology is a reality on life.

The game of having a science of life around is something that has ordinarily been held down by those who have bent it to their own desires. If they did know anything about life, they didn’t let anybody else in on it. In Scientology we’re playing a different game because we are letting somebody else in on it. We’re not operating as a secret society trying to pull power out of the society by just letting what we know remain unknown. That is a fine way for an individual or group to perish!

My own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom one has and should help others to help themselves. I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself. If you would care to investigate savage cultures, of which I have investigated a few, you would discover that it is ignorance itself, it is lack of wisdom in that community, which brings about terror, injustice, maltreatment, decay and deterioration. Wisdom afloat in a culture makes the culture. The very definition of culture could be summated — the amount of technology, knowingness, wisdom, in existence in the society.

In our western culture, the humanities have been far outstripped and over-balanced by a technology apper- taining only to the physical universe and leaving out of its computation — the mind, life, beingness. Man’s ability to handle destructive physical universe forces is far, far greater than his ability to handle himself. He is in a precarious state of existence and needs a road to travel to a higher and far happier state of existence.

He needs a road to carry him away from the inhumanity and barbarity with which he has been forced, through lack of enlightenment, to handle his affairs.

As Scientologists, we find ourselves the sole guardians of the only road to the highest states of existence — Clear and beyond. (A Clear is a thetan, or being, who has no reactive, or stimulus-response, mind and who can be at cause knowingly and at will over mental matter, energy, space and time as regards the First Dynamic [survival for self].)

The route to the highest states has been sought by Man in the fields of religion, mysticism, spiritualism, philosophy, mental arts, metaphysics, science and allied studies. Vast libraries could be filled with the scraps of information gathered in the course of this search. The great achievement of Scientology has been the culling of truth from this sea of data and finding that the truth has a tiny group of data possessed of the overwhelming power of changing all other facts in this universe and in livingness.

The opening of the road depended upon the success of codifying this information so that it could be relayed to others.

Scientology research has resulted in a full range of completely successful techniques for improving conditions in life. Now you could have techniques for improving the state of an individual and have them sit in a book for 8 billion year without raising the ability or improving the condition of a single person in the entire human race. Techniques have to be administered. They are administered by the most valuable beings on this planet — trained Scientology Auditors. An auditor is a person trained and qualified in applying Scientology processes to others for their betterment. (A process consists of a set of questions asked by an auditor to help a person find out things about himself or life.)

Auditors are being trained at Saint Hill and in the Academies of Scientology Organizations throughout the world. They learn to perform flawlessly as auditors, to run certain exact processes, and to obtain results with these processes by auditing well and exactly. The auditing skill acquired is a discipline in living and a know-how of the parts of life. It is something new in the universe. Training is the bridge between the student’s own learning and experience and livingness and the data which is offered to him in Scientology. It is a bridge from every human being to a science of life.

It will take a lot of auditors to have a civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights, and where Man is free to rise to greater heights. There is a mission for each auditor. The mission of Scientology is not conquest, it is civilization. Scientology works, not to harangue men toward impossible freedoms, but to make Man civilized enough to be worthy of his freedom. Scientology’s goals are well within the grasp of its technology used by trained Scientologists.

As Scientologists, we seek the evolution to higher states of being for the individual and for society. By equipping more and more Scientologists through training, with a brilliantly workable technology, we are achieving our aims.

8 thoughts on “The goal of training

  1. “The great achievement of Scientology has been the culling of truth from this sea of data and finding that the truth has a tiny group of data possessed of the overwhelming power of changing all other facts in this universe and in livingness.”

    While most of history’s philosophers were blinded by deductive logic, Ron stuck out his neck and proved that intuition can be right, and millions of success stories back him up. If Dianetics and Scientology didn’t work they would never have got off the ground to start with.

    Religions and atheism offer only aphorisms, mundane morality, and megatons of pomposity. ‘Do unto others…’ is about the best the world has come up with – but no actual tech. Open the newspaper and we see that “Do unto others…” hasn’t caught on. Checking out world history shows that the world has been nothing but a madhouse since records began. Once in a while, a benign ruler creates a moment of calm – is that the best we’ve got? It never lasts, and we’re back to implanting. My local newspaper reports that ECT treatments are back on the rise; this is for things like appetite loss and depression. The suicide rate in the UK is at an all-time high. Marriages don’t last, and social ills just get worse and worse: the dire economy, terrorism, drug, alcohol abuse and crime won’t go away, on and on and on.

    But wait, there is a solution! “a tiny group of data” has come to the rescue! This blog is an outpost of hope. Thank you, Lana.

  2. P13C:

    If Dianetics and Scientology didn’t work, they would be just another self-help philosophy. Most of these are simply flashes in the pan, waiting for their 15 minutes of fame on morning talk programs, etc.

    I’ve always marveled at Ron’s pragmatic thinking with regard to the origins of Dianetics and Scientology. If you read things like Evolution of a Science and listen to Story of Dianetics and Scientology, you see how dead on his reasoning was.

    There’s a passage somewhere I don’t recall, where he talks about dividing all knowledge into zones and discarding zones which yielded no real wisdom, and using the scientific method to proceed further. And he used the scientific method in an unbiased and unadulterated way, something which hasn’t been done in any significant way in at least the last hundred years or so.

    Also of note (which you mention), Ron was interested in producing a philosophy which had practical use. That was something which hasn’t been done in hundreds or thousands of years. Instead, philosophers (both east and west) sit around and issue thunderous principles which have little or no relation to anything in the real world.

    Religion and philosophy have acted to civilize the world to some extent, to be sure. But the wars, conflicts, crime and insanity which are part and parcel of life on Earth haven’t lessened significantly. Proving that religion and philosophy have generally let Man down.

    Scientology is a colossal advance. I don’t think even most Scientologists realize how profound it is. And for the most part, one guy, one guy came up with it. It’s just about beyond the imagination.

    I get amused at those in the Field who complain about the arrogance of Scientologists who claim to have the only road out. While arrogance isn’t desirable, no other group on Earth has more right to be “arrogant” than we have. Ron wasn’t exaggerating about what he said in KSW and Safeguarding Technology.

    We live in extraordinary times.


  3. Very much so, Paul.

    As Ron says so many times, function is senior to form. And like you, I’ve always been amazed at how doggedly Ron pointed everything he did to application. He was probably the ultimate pragmatist.

    I agree with everything you say here.

    Your mention of the scientific method made me shudder a bit, and I was off into a 1000 word reply when I suddenly realised I had a button on it. So I’ll spare you and Lana’s fragrant blog by withholding… 😉

  4. P13C:

    I have a “button” on it as well, but it may not be the same as yours. I’ve particularly seen real physics progress ground to a halt in about 1905 and remain so ever since, as physicists blindly ignore the scientific method. And then act like religious zealots when anyone tries to challenge their (false) orthodoxy. The number of false ideas now mainstream in “orthodox” physics is legion. Almost all based on the false declarations of one physicist.

    Bring me a beaker of “dark matter” and maybe I’ll change my mind.


  5. And there is Scientology 8-8008. Reading it with study tech is a great thing. And reading it over and over and again. Can’t get enough of it. About universes and their goals for example.. All these universes around ! It also gives a glimpse of what trained people can do. A glimpse of smilies and hope for sure.

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