By Lana

“Seriousness is solidity.“ (Philadelphia Doctorate Tape #25 by L. Ron Hubbard)

When you get serious, you pull in mass and key-in. You will do better in life if you are light-hearted.

This universe really gets solid when you are serious. That’s when you really get stuck with it. It slows down your particle flow because everything around you becomes heavy.

Work to spend your day being a little flippant, playful and goofy.  Don’t get serious. Heck — we aint going to get anything sorted if we are all so serious!

Take today, tomorrow and coming weeks and months with a good dose of silliness.  Let the serious solidness just glide right over without agreement or imitation.

Light-hearted and carefree is the way.

“The more serious you take the game, the less chance there is of winning.“ (Philadelphia Doctorate Tape #25 by L. Ron Hubbard)

14 thoughts on “Seriously

  1. Great advice! Silliness is great fun. And as a bonus, it drives low toned people absolutely bonkers. They can’t help themselves.

    So beware, this attitude can get you in more trouble than you can imagine. Seriously!



    • Amen on the driving low toned people nuts. They hate seeing genuine laughter not borne out of cruelty or at someone’s expense. Flippancy and ignoring what they say and killing them with kindness are all ways to win and keep it classy.

  2. A woman goes to the doctor with a piece of lettuce poking out of her knickers.
    The doctor says: “That looks nasty.”
    She says: “Oh, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

  3. A woman was walking along a beach when she stumbled upon a bottle.

    She picked it up and rubbed it, and low and behold, a genie appeared!

    The amazed women asked if she got three wishes.

    The genie said, “Nope, sorry, three-wish genies are a storybook myth. I’m a one-wish genie. So…what’ll it be?

    The women didn’t hesitate.
    She said, “I want peace in the Middle East. See this map? I want these countries to stop fighting with each other and I want all the Muslims to love the Jews and Christians and vice-versa. It will bring about world peace and harmony.”

    The genie looked at the map, pushed it aside and exclaimed, “Lady, be reasonable. These countries have been at war for thousands of years. I’m out of shape after being in this bottle for five hundred years. I’m good, but I’m not THAT good! I don’t think it can be done.”

    The woman thought for a minute and said, “Well, I’ve never been able to find the right man. You know, one who’s intelligent, thoughtful, witty, energetic, courteous, fun to be with and a great lover. A man who wants a long term relationship, is attentive to my needs and will never play around. That’s what I wish for – a really good man.”

    The genie let out a sigh and said, “Let me see that frickin map again.”

  4. Three fans were talking about the sad state of their local football club;

    The first fan: “I blame the manager; if we could sign better players, we’d be a great club.”

    The second fan: “I blame the players; if they made more effort, I’m sure we would score more goals.”

    The third fan: “I blame my parents; if I had been born in a different town, I’d be supporting a decent team.”

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