There is a word “obnosis” which has been put together from the phrase, “observing the obvious.” The art of observing the obvious is strenuously neglected in our society at this time. Pity. It’s the only way you ever see anything; you observe the obvious. You look at the isness of something, at what is actually there. Fortunately for us, the ability to obnose is not in any sense “inborn” or mystical. But it is being taught that way by people outside of Scientology.

How do you teach somebody to see what is there? Well, you put up something for him to look at, and have him tell you what he sees. An individual can practice this on his own or in a group situation, such as a class.

Excerpt from HCOB 26 Oct 1970, OBNOSIS AND THE TONE SCALE

31 thoughts on “Obnosis

  1. So simple, but so true. Sometimes we forget to simply look at the is-ness of something. I know I do fail at this sometimes but the more I practice it, the better I get, and the simpler life is — as I am not making conclusions based on pictures, considerations, false information or lies. I am just looking at what is – what is there.

  2. There is a truth and a lie here. One can only observe what is true for him and that which is untainted by his\her personal aberration. Example like the scene in “What the Bleep” where are they are looking out at the ocean and the Indian does not see the ship, where the girl does, the Indian had no recognition of ships because he’d never seen one before.
    This is why two people looking at the same view will not see the same thing. This also makes a case for having auditing, which eliminates aberration, allowing one a truer view if the world.

  3. This drill was a revelation to me, and made a life-long impact.

    The staff were gathered in a free room, and I went first.

    I was sat down a few feet away from a table that had a cup on it.
    The supe said, “What do you see?”
    I said, “A cup.”
    He said, “No. What do you actually see?”
    “A receptacle to contain tea or coffee.”
    “No. What do you see?”

    And then it started to dawn on me that I was identifying everything I saw. Instead of seeing, I was interpreting and otherwise dismissing everything that came into my view – because I knew what it was! In other words, I wasn’t actually connecting to anything, I wasn’t reaching or touching anything.

    Until that moment, I’d been living in a bubble, where nothing could reach me either, because there was no space, I hadn’t made any.

    A lot more came out of that session, but that was the gist. Not something one could do on one’s own, I don’t think, because a live comm cycle is needed, present time, attention, etc.

    • Thanks Rich for detailing your win. How cool!
      I had an additional win relating to sketching and drawing. There is a book entitled “Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain” which in itself is a false datum, but one of the key points made at the beginning of the book is that we tend to draw what we think or imagine or consider rather than what is right in front of us (when trying to draw a duplication of an object or scene). The truth is we see a cat and go to draw the cat, but in doing so we tend to draw from the pictures we have of the cat (“it must have four legs”, or “the tail would have to be longer”) rather than just looking at the cat in front of us and observing the obvious about that cat, right there and then – regardless of how many legs are visible or how long the tail appears. My ability as an artist came right up in spotting that I could use my mind/pictures/etc. to create and imagine a scene, and then replicate that in my art , or I could look at what is in front of me and just copy what is there (which does take practice also in terms of pencil control and finger/hand dexterity with that pencil). It has made sketching a real pleasure and game for me and something I will always enjoy, and I am amused when people tell me “I can’t draw” when they can –
      they just never learnt to draw what they obnose

      • Yes, very much so, Lana.

        The duplication of one’s environment is the key factor, I believe. For mere mortals like me, drills like this one, TR’s, group auditing, Op Pro by Dup, assists, and some basic auditing like Dianetics, showed us that there is more to life than a sleep-walk to the knacker’s yard.

      • Lana:

        My wife (who knows a great deal more about art than I do) had this problem of the difficulty of drawing what was in front of her. Her art teacher’s solution was to place the object being drawn upside down, and forcing students to draw it that way. As you might imagine, it tends to break pre-conceptions of whatever the object is, and forces it to be drawn as it is.


    • Me too. I did it at the old Sydney Markets a long long time ago – standing outside and pulling up everyone and asking them “What’s the most obvious thing about me” and then using their answer to spot their tone level. Did the drill for the entire day and it brought my confront and skill level right up on being able to talk to anyone and becoming quite good at recognising a persons chronic (not social) tone.

      I also got a giggle out of the number of young men who would answer “your blue eyes” and then proceed to flirt. Always a boost to the confidence of a young teenage girl. LOL

        • Yup RV, we treat this stuff like Old news! Whereas we could, should practice it the next time we’re at the local supermarket, for the same benefit you just mentioned… I mean is our creativity also old “news” too? What say you bro? (Btw, I still looove doing this type of thing, especially to watch the recipient hop up the tone scale a coupla notches. when they burst out laughing as they line charge a whole bunch of bpc they’d lugged around during the day!(They mostly get that too, if you have the intention to use good humor!) Hey, man … so I have to get my daily “fix”, too, ya know? LOl 🙂 )

          • I agree RIB. Things like ARC, especially the comm cycle and formula, the Dynamics and the tone scale as discussed are treated as “old news”. Yet they are so workable like the “Two minute psychometry” Ron mentions in SOS that you can use to find someone’s position on the tone scale and use to raise their tone.

            I mean I use this stuff all the time when I audit someone. No matter what process or action used ARC, Comm even concept of the Dynamics apply.

            This is really the basics of Scientology. Fundamental tech that can be applied by anyone.

            Also have fun while doing it 🙂

  4. It looks like no on has posted or commented here since May. What happened? I can’t complain too much since I have been off the line myself. This last post is about obnosis. Obviously, people have lost interest for some reason. Maybe you’ve all been busy like me getting someone up the Bridge. Hope so. Anyway, if you see this, Lana, would you let me know what’s happening?
    PS: I’ve entered my “new” unsecured email address because I don’t hide from the COS or people who might shun me any more. 🙂

    • Hi Karl, I don’t know that people have lost interest but I have been caught up in all manner of busyness and exciting projects and decided to focus on that for a while. All good here. Hope all is well at your end too!

  5. All is ok at this location here. Looking forward to hearing from you all Milestoners sometime in futur. The best best wishes for all your projects !

  6. I did a drill on OT6 which has remained with me and grown in significance over the years out of all proportion to what it meant to me at the time – though I thought it was great at the time too.

    I can’t recall it’s name or even if it had a name, but the student went out on the streets of Clearwater with a twin and spotted lots of things in the environment and noted the ‘significance’ of them. So if there was a bit of litter on the ground, what did it it signify? To me it meant people walking by. What does a particular roadsign signify? Traffic needing directions. A bit of rust on a sign might mean it had been there a long time, or this was a humid environment.

    It was firstly enjoyable like an objective process, but by the end I realised everything in the world was communicating to me. Everything I laid eyes on was really communicating to me. The whole physical environment suddenly came to life for me – and it’s a win that has never dimmed.

  7. Thanks, Lana. Um, I am acknowledging your comm albeit with a comm lag of a couple of months. Blush.
    Anyway, glad to hear that all is well. I am doing well too and practicing Scientology with more big plans for the future. Doing what I can to bring Scientology to the people of this planet.
    I hope that things are going well for you and that all of your projects are going well.

  8. Happy New Year MaBű!

    May this be your best one yet!

    We have this chance.

    My love to all Scientologists.

    My love to you Lana, for keeping this comm line open.

    Lets all meet again soon.

    Richard ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. Hello guys, long time no talk but I have a little bit of news from my side of the universe: made a lot of strides on Solo Nots and, God, does life change… Fantastic. Additionally I got a small academy going and we had our first auditor delivering CCH’s and it was great, trained from zero. So the tech continues. Happy new Year Lana

    • That is superb Paul! Life at this end is just going swimmingly as well. Solo
      NOTs is like a turbo booster to life. So much fun! Happy New Year to you too 🙂

  10. Mabu, a spectacular display!
    Richard, you echo my thoughts!
    Paul, you are GREAT. You are DOING Scientology. Training auditors is especially great.
    And Lana, you too. Thank you for keeping the flame alive for us all!

    Me, I did OT I a few months ago and am creating a new 2D after about 10 years.

    I’m glad to see my favorite Indie site warming up again. Many of the others have gone “anti”.

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