By Lana

Ten years ago, in 2009, Marty Rathbun started a blog that grabbed attention and galvanized action.  It was the first time in a long time that hundreds of Scientologists in the field who were no longer on-lines, had a chance to communicate, get questions answered, and come to see that they were not the only ones feeling isolated, disconnected and cut-off from LRH’s Bridge.

It was exciting. It was new. It was people talking to each other who had not spoken for years. It was long-term Scientologists meeting up and purposes were revitalized.

There was a 4th of July gathering of Independent Scientologists in 2010, and another in 2011, and a last one in 2012 – however there was lots of rumour and 3P from the word go, and these meetings were more about small cliques than about creating a new group. From there the initial surge of interest and revitalized purposes became lost in off-colour and mysterious communications from Marty – peddling a “middle-road” message and directing people away from Scientology and off onto some other ambiguous new goal.

Many of the blog followers started to voice more and more disaffection with LRH or with the body of work – and a new term “KSW nazis” was coined by Mike Rinder and circulated about any Scientologist that wanted to use and apply Keeping Scientology Working. Marty was auditing – but strangely every person he audited then stopped being a Scientologist. To my knowledge there is no one that received auditing from Marty that is still on the Bridge and progressing today.

With that scene, in 2014 I worked with 12 significant others in the field to launch Milestone Two.  The plan had been to build a global network of Scientologists who could work cooperatively to make standard Scientology available in the field.  A lot of time, effort and intention went into Milestone Two but what occurred on the day of launch took everyone by surprise. The attack did not come from the Church — it came from the field – specifically from Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and Karen DeLaCarrier. People closely associated with MS2 were threatened that they must disconnect or they would be personally ruined. Lies were spread that MS2 founders were OSA and must not be trusted. Innuendo, 3rd party and fear was used to suppress Milestone Two.

I admit, I was disheartened. I was naive and had not realised the extent to which people would go to protect their livelihood of peddling the anti-Scientology game. There was and still is, money changing hands for those that continue their attacks on the Church of Scientology — and Milestone Two was going to bring a clean shining light which would make their job of selling how dangerous Scientology is, much harder.

And of course the Church of Scientology was very happy to see the torpedos flying. It made their job easier. OSA does not have to do much if the field is eating itself up.

Milestone Two continued, but more than 60% of the original founders disconnected and the field went into lock-down – not knowing who to trust or who to believe. Some delivery continued and even just in Australia we had many people through our doors for service, but the reverberations of distrust and fear restimulated most and kept people away.

Since that time it has become clear that Karen DeLaCarrier is rewarded by external sources to run a covert and more recently overt program to get the Church of Scientology’s tax exemption cancelled. She works closely with Tony Ortega and other external forces on this. Mike Rinder has communicated clearly to the world that he is no longer a Scientologist and is on a mission to stop — portraying himself of a victim of this church (yet he was the very person that ran these same operations on others in the field for decades — both as CO OSA Int, as WDC OSA and also as LRH PPRO Int). Marty appears to have been paid off by the Church, did some videos to expose Rinder and Remini, with a message that seems to put him squarely back as Church of Scientology supporter.

Former staff and parishioners have been writing books to try and get closure on their painful journeys with the church – and in this they are encouraged and assisted by Rinder, Ortega and others. The more victims that can be gathered together to talk about the big terrible, horrible, bad Church of Scientology, the better.  The purpose is to garner media attention showing how bad Scientology is, with key focus on enforced disconnection, financial rip-off and injustice.

Let there be no question — the Church of Scientology IS committing these acts and there is truth to all these stories. The Church of Scientology under David Miscavige (earlier with the help of Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder) have harmed thousands of Scientologists, both financially, emotionally and spiritually.

The upset and destruction is real.

The tears and bypassed charge is real.

But there is little to no differentiation between the Church of Scientology’s actions (David Miscavige and cronies) and the body of work itself. The campaign that is being run on tabloid media (thank you Rinder, Remini, Ortega) is designed to give Scientology such a bad name in the eyes of the public that people will stay away.

At the end of 2017 the First Independent Church of Scientology was registered by Jim Fonda, and I got excited that there was a possibility to create a ‘second terminal’ to break the monopoly and suppressive hold that the Church of Scientology has on the field.

I was hopeful that we had another opportunity to connect up the field and get standard Scientology delivery occurring. Despite the continued noise in the media, we can help people recover from what has occurred and I liken it to the fall-out after a major cataclysm or war.  There are people out there, thousands of them, that need assistance, and by using standard tech we can bring relief and work to try and sort out this mess.

Unfortunately Jim Fonda, despite the best of intentions, has a different plan  for the First Independent Church of Scientology which is focused more on a Div 6 public, so the new church has not progressed as I would have hoped and it does not fill the much needed gap within the field to create a new 3rd dynamic group.

So that brings us to present time.

A long 10-year story — but really only a snippet of time in the time-track of us eternal beings.

We have pockets of delivery happening all over this planet. There are many well-intentioned, honest, hard-working and sincere Scientologists who are delivering Scientology in the field. There are a handful of loopy squirrels and one or two criminal rip-off merchants, but the majority are on the rails and just doing what they love – moving people up LRH’s Bridge. Tom Martiniano, Chris Black, Ingrid Smith, Mike Eldredge, Pierrot Bartnik, Becky Buchanan, Carolyn Groff and many more – these are good people doing good things.

So where to from here?

There is a plan to try and create a new 3rd dynamic again – and if that fails, we will try again, and if that fails, we will try again.

You see, there is one thing that us thetans have lots of… and that is time. We have plenty of it. We aint going anywhere anytime soon. We have the full body of work. We have trained people. We have a purpose, a responsibility and no vested interest – just a genuine desire to help.

The Church of Scientology don’t want us to be a cohesive and coordinated group. They will work to disrupt the field and keep it fragmented. They don’t want on-lines Scientologists to know there is any Scientology delivery in the field – let alone standard Scientology.

Then we have Mike Rinder, Karen DeLaCarrier, Leah Remini and Tony Ortega who all have a vested interest and financial gain by continuing the negative media on Scientology and LRH. They don’t want any organized group delivering Scientology standardly and to good results, as this shows that LRH and the body of work is not the problem – the actual problem is the church itself has become a cult under a suppressive personality and is dramatizing the thing it was to tackle — the reactive mind.

So – there are challenges…

Do you think we are ready for another try – regardless of the counter intention?

Are there any dedicated thetans in the house willing for the game?

What would it take?

You are welcome to message me privately if you wish, at info@scientologyreformed.org.

29 thoughts on “What would it take?

    • Thank you Robin. You are a champ.
      Would you be OK on me including your name, qualifications as a Grad V auditor and MCSC and a contact email address on a website so people in Texas or in nearby states can contact you for service?


  1. It is a sorrowful thing to see so many bright and previously valuable scientologists go mutual out ruds and cave in to bitterness. They should know better as this time around they have the experience which was lacking the last time they deteriorated from OT to humanoid.

    My heart aches for them as on this road on which they have decided to pursue is fraught with oblivion and the road back to sanity will be long and arduous. Ortega has a past history in the fringes of pornography which he is desperate should not be found out about. Rinder has not acknowledged or taken responsibility for his past transgressions in the church and Karen has yielded to bitterness over her son and now uses that as an excuse to reject all the priceless technology she worked so hard to achieve as a Class XII, such a senseless waste of such valuable people.

    And now it seems Jim Fonda’s ‘new church’ has not come up to expectations in the KSW community.

    Fortunately we have such groups as Milestone two and APIS to continue upholding the original philosophy and technology of Ron Hubbard and are here for the thousands of scientologists who have achieved so much this (and previous lives) with this technology. People may come and go, intentions may change, the bank and evil purposes may continue to arise and overwhelm even some of the most experienced. But the technology is of itself and does not deteriorate.

    The research, findings and development of Dianetics and Scientology remains just as valid today as it did in its initial phases and no amount of mutual out ruds, bypassed charge and reactionary denial will change that.

    Groups such as APIS, Milestone two and others will continue to flourish and prosper because they adhere to the basic principles of the technology. As LRH said,

    “The sun never sets on Scientology. And may a new day dawn for you, for those you love and for Man. Our aims are simple, if great. And we will succeed, and are succeeding at each new revolution of the Earth. Your help is acceptable to us. Our help is yours.”

    Mike APIS


    • Mike: I don’t wish to give you a hard time, but with all due respect, I would like to point out that, the last time I checked, Karen DLC was mentioned prominently in your monthly newsletter as a purveyor of auditing in the LA area. Might want to look into that.



  2. Ahem. Um. Wow. Lot of stuff I didn’t know there. It will take some time for me to digest that. But one thing I can say for sure. I’m here for the duration. We are all very lucky to be here now, in this time and this place. To have the miracle of Scientology. It’s our job to cherish, protect and moreover, to USE Scientology. Standardly.

    The Christians have a viewpoint which, more or less, amounts to: when the time comes and you have to justify your life and your past actions to your Lord, what will you say? Puts things in perspective.

    I’d propose an alternative for Scientologists: What would you say if you were facing LRH himself, and had to justify your life and actions? Did you maintain standard Scientology? Did you use it to better conditions and provide help and succor to your fellow man? Have you striven to learn all you could of Scientology and maintain the ten points of KSW?

    To those on the fringes, those who haven’t yet recovered from the horrors of the Church, those who need help who have been betrayed and had their hopes and dreams (and possibly their families) crushed, please seek help. Unlike those mentioned above who would prefer to see your injuries fester and stoke the fires of shame, blame and regret, we’d like to see you come to terms with what’s happened and seek a better future.



    • Sorry Scat. I had assumed you already knew all of the above, but if not, sorry for shocking.
      You are right — what would Ron expect, what would Ron do, and when we do meet up again, what would we say?
      OTs work better with OTs. The job is a big one, but we also have plenty of time. Glad you are in for the duration, along with the rest of us. 🙂

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  3. It is probably not “What would it take?”. It is probably “Who would it take?” Who wants to put on those “boots in the sky” the way that LRH wore them? Is there anyone who could? Someone is going to have to be the prime mover that galvanizes an on-purpose team into unstoppable forward momentum. If someone is doing this now, I would think I would have heard about it. So I assume no one has the guts + ability to do it. We sure have no shortage of gutless critics. A lot of folks are doing a damn fine job in their own immediate spheres of control, and that is so admirable. But, an LRH caliber being that is determined to get the show back on the road – fast, is conspicuously absent. What if we just appoint someone? “You’re IT buddy. You are our only hope. START!” We just need to convince someone they are up to it, because the sad truth is many of us are probably up to it. LRH was doing his best to remind us of that. All of this back and forth communication on the internet is occurring over the mutual out-rud we share: None of us have stepped in to take his place. None of us are doing what he would be doing right now. Including me. If our hides are so valuable that we are primarily concerned with ducking all the shrapnel flying around, what condition do you think we should assign ourselves? Anyway, you asked for my view. By the way – Milestone Two, and Lana, are two of the most theta entities left on this rock.

    Mike Walimaa


    • Lovely to hear from you Michael.

      I think we all wear those boots. We all have a responsibility.

      LRH wrote up his hat to the degree that he well documented the body of work over his entire lifetime. Anyone who is a Class VI, Class VIII, Class IX and Class XII has already studied that body of work and knows the responsibility they have to apply it.

      Anyone who has not studied the full body of work has a responsibility per step 2 of KSW #1 to know it, know it is correct and then apply it.

      As I myself work on this personally and persuade and encourage others to do the same, the daunting task of resurrecting Scientology does not seem quite so difficult. LRH gave us the tools. We just have to use them.

      And as a group of OTs, that ain’t too hard if we apply standard ethics, tech and admin.

      Thank you for your kind words. On this rock I think there are many good and dedicated souls. And you are one of them.

      Lovely to have your support.

      Have you done any auditor or tech training?


      • I have co-audited about three hundred hours of objectives with folks. That will hone your TR’s. Dave LaCroix patched me up after 37 years in the Church, had me finish Solo I, was getting me through preps until I up and married a gal with five young kids (she had been a PC of mine 5 years before), but we are so happy. I’ve done the full basic book and lecture course, and dozens of others. I never met a bulletin or PL I didn’t like. I look forward to marching through the OT levels – something that was too booby-trapped to navigate in the “Church”- and getting my wife and kids up the bridge too. We are tucked into a quiet country home in middle Tennessee, well off the “cross-roads of life”.


        • Gosh 5 kids! What a wonderful opportunity to use and apply LRH to happy souls. I have had such joy taking basic principles and tech and helping my young family grow. Everything from Contact Assists to TRs to overt pulling and 2 way communication. It is great to have you and your wife (and tribe) there in Tennessee and I am sure once you get onto your OT levels you will reap the benefits of the auditing hours you have already done. I firmly believe that the more auditing you do PRIOR to the OT levels, the better the gain due to your own proficiency and understanding of how the mind works. Further — you don’t get the backslide or restim that untrained non-auditors experience when they go OT without becoming an expert auditor first. Your training and experience make more gains possible and increase your ability to handle life.

          Training gives positive gain, contrasted with the negative gain from Auditing.

          If you are interested in getting onto your Academy levels or doing the SHSBC while raising the family, shoot me an email (listed above) and I will put you in touch with someone that can get you materials and organise up checksheet/materials/drilling. We are looking to set up some travelling courserooms that will enable people to do an intensive 2 – 4 week training period 2 or 3 times a year. Juggling family and work and study is a task — but it can be done if intention is there and we can set up the logistics in a way to best provide standard service.


    • Mike:

      I think, going forward, there will not be a single occupant of those boots. I imagine, instead, there will be a team. It’s like LRH said in RJ 67, “you share it with me now”. And I think, of all the people in the field working away, Lana has done the most to stitch us together. As I’ve told her, some day she will be Ka Khan for her efforts, if not already.



  4. Hi Lana, I love your perseverance! True demonstration of a thetan. Yes, it’s been 10 years of fights and quarrels and back-stubbings all over the internet.

    In my opinion “What it would take” is 7 Div Org Board which would be our super vehicle in the 21st century for a www Org all around the planet. Hundreds of people will man it up as this is the Vehicle that is going to carry us along in the future, us and future generations.

    LRH developped Admin and the form of an Org (Div 7 or Div 9 org boards) to keep the Tech there. The Indie field has failed to grasp the importance of Admin, has mainly concentrated on Tech (which is given already) and thus has not been able to organize its members and expand.

    I am here wih any help you may need with Admin as I KNOW this is the corrected estimated effort for real global expansion.


    • Theo:

      I agree, and you are 100% correct. The admin was created to assist in delivering the tech, and it has been sorely neglected by the Field. The result is little islands of delivery. This is lauditory, but not enough. We do need something more organized and more centralized.



  5. Thank you Lana for this theta com. Yes, like Ron said :

    “This material and these people are scattered all over the planet. Scientology data now couldn’t be isolated and burned by an army of agents.

    No matter what happens, Scientology today will keep right on going.”

    HCOEL 21 February 1966, The Calculated Risk


    • Thank you Phil. Could you send me a copy of that policy letter? It is not in the 1991 OEC set, nor can I find it on-line. You can send it to my email address listed in the article above.


  6. Wow… I was only introduced to this crazy scene a year or so ago when my “thetan eyes” were opened about the “church” and the criminals running it… I was somewhat confused when I saw long time trained staff members criticizing the organization and not making clear the difference between the organization and the technology … I chalked it up to the fact they were celebrities, admin staff or just plain stupid… mostly stupid… but I had no idea about the rest of what was going on… thank you for clarifying it…. and I am with you all the way…. people come and go… organizations come and go… but there is and will be only one standard tech… and I will always be on the side of that … I am standing by ready to help in any way I can … like it or not Lana… you are a stable anchor point 🙂


    • Ken it is lovely to have you there and I enjoy your communications here and on other channels.

      You are right — people come and go — as do organizations — but there is only one standard tech and it aint going nowhere. We have people on every continent of this globe that are making sure of that — and that is really heartening.

      I don’t mind being an anchor point — particularly if we are going to doing something with high randomity, something challenging, and with the end goal of bringing people to a point of cause so they can help themselves and help others. 🙂


  7. “Purpose only becomes real when it gets to the blood, sweat and tears, stage, you know? You have to suffer a little bit. If there’s no suffering involved at all, nobody knows he’s experiencing anything.

    Another thing that’s quite interesting about such an activity, it always requires a certain amount of sacrifice – always requires a certain amount of sacrifice – whether of time or of personal interest or even personal possessions, some slight degree.

    A big game always requires some sacrifice.” LRH (“Today’s Battle of Britain, 8 October 1956)


    • What an incredible quote Chris! And so true. There is no lack of blood, sweat and tears in Scientology — and I don’t think there is anyone here who has not sacrificed for the greater good.

      I guess the question is how many Clears/OTs out there are willing to roll their sleeves up today and give a bit more sacrifice to pull this thing out of the soup?

      It is a big game — no question.

      And it won’t be easy.

      But then this planet is never easy. And if a Scientologist wanted easy then they haven’t learnt that first datum of “the way out is the way through”.


  8. I am IN, of course, and have been working with you Lana and the rest of you to get people back on the Bridge. And BOY, are they winning!!! Such a rehab of my own purpose and the proof that standard Tech, Admin and Ethics works. If anyone is in need of a Chaplain terminal, I am here. To stay.

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    • Lisa you are such an asset and have been brilliant already. There are a number of others who have put up their hand to assist in reaching out to people, listening, helping to get them to an ARCX auditor for some relief from their upsets, bypassed charge and betrayal. I am hooking them up with you and our network is already starting.

      Thank you for all you are doing!


  9. Lisa:

    This is good news, and thank you for your part in it. The more we can help and rehabilitate, the more participants we will have in tackling those who are left. Standard Scientology is its own best advertisement.



  10. Thanks Lana for the very important thread and for filling in some data that I did not know. Forming a strong 3rd D is very important in my view – after all, we have to have a place to come back to! I look back on what LRH did in the early days (Congresses and books as promotional actions and forming groups of auditors to train). Marty did grab attention and started channeling people – to the wrong places of course as out ethics as he was – and the work being done by the folks you mention in the field is a start. I don’t know how big the groups in Europe and Russia are (and they are squirrel) but a physical location where folks can go is important. I know we’ll make it as there are enough folks who have enough of a grasp of the tech that it won’t be lost. Although I only went to one, the reunion in TX allowed me the opportunity to connect up to like-minded folks.


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