by Lana

There have been repeated details coming to us from all over the world of Scientologists, both new and old, being put onto the Survival Rundown (formerly known as Objectives) and being forced to run hundreds, if not thousands of hours on it. There are several examples that I have learned of where people have been on the Rundown not for weeks or months, but for years.

“The PURPOSE of CCHs is to bring the pc through incidents and into present time. It is the reverse of “mental auditing” in that it gets the pc’s attention exterior from the bank and on present time.  By using Communication, Control and Havingness this is done. If you make present time a snarling hostility to the pc, he of course does not want to come into present time and it takes just that much longer to make the CCHs work.

“You do the CCHs with the Auditor’s Code firmly in mind. Don’t run a process that is not producing change. Run a process as long as it produces change. Don’t go out of two-way comm with the pc.

“Complete every cycle of the process. Don’t interject two-way comm into the middle of a cycle, use it only after a cycle is acknowledged and complete.

“Don’t end a process before it is flat. Don’t continue a process after it is flat.   …

“Know what’s going on. Keep the pc at it. Keep the pc informed. Keep the pc winning. Keep the pc exteriorizing from the past and coming into present time.

“Understand the CCHs and what you’re doing. If it all deteriorates to mere ritual, you’ll take 25 to 50 times the time necessary to produce the same result i would.

“The auditing is for the pc. The CCHs are for the pc. In auditing you win in the CCHs only when the pc wins.”  LRH  HCOB 5 April 1962, CCHs, Auditing Attitude

What worries me is that the Church of Scientology seems to have taken the wonderfully simple processes of the Objectives and turned them into some ritual and robotic process without regard to their purpose and not doing them FOR the preclear.  Yes, this is a generalised statement and I am sure this is not the case everywhere, but there have been enough examples of this come to the surface that it does not seem to be more than a few isolated examples.

Some of the out-tech and arbitraries within the Church of Scientology’s delivery of the Survival Rundown that I have become aware of include:

  1. A Supervisor insisting that the preclears continue on each individual CCH/Survival Rundown process for at least 3 -4 hours to “give each process time to bite”.
  2. Stating “the way out is the way through” when a person has been on a process for an extended period of time, feels they have achieved the EP of that process and has protest and upset relating to it.
  3. Adding more and more processes to the Rundown, creating a never-ending hidden standard of what is to be achieved.
  4. Co-audit twins not sufficiently trained or grooved-in on EPs or session admin, so when release with cognition is achieved, it is not noted on the worksheets and the Supervisor then insists on the process being continued.
  5. Reviews done when there was upset, but not doing a Scientology C/S One first, so the preclear has confusions on what an e-meter is, how it works, what is expected as a preclear, or even how a correction list works. With no proper Scientology C/S one, misunderstoods left unhandled on words that directly relate to the phenomena the pc is experiencing (such as the word exterior).
  6. D of P not trained on using the meter, so does D of P ‘meetings’ instead — off the meter.
  7. Ignoring originations of exterior.
  8. Changing the ability gained on the Objectives from LRH’s “Oriented in the present time of the physical universe” to Dave Miscavige’s “Oriented in the present time of the physical universe with new perception, awareness and control of one’s environment, body, mind, thought and people.” (maybe this is how he can get OTs to agree to go back and spend hundreds of hours re-doing the first step of the Grade Chart).

The good news is that an Objectives Correction List cleans up all the upset, bypassed charge and protest connected with being run to the moon and back and here in the field, if you come across a preclear who has been subjected to out-tech on the Survival Rundown, this is the way to resolve it.

Here is a Success Story recently sent to me:

“Having the process flattened that I had attention on was a huge relief and I’m glad to have fully completed the action with absolutely no doubts as to its purpose and the wins from it. I know I’ll have more success in life now and that this final step has been handled.”  PP

14 thoughts on “Overrun to the moon and back

  1. When a suppressive person like David Miscavige introduces know-best additives to Ron’s simplicity, the result is not so great and can even be harmful. This is a terrible over act being committed upon many people.
    DM had better change his ways fast or start running because his motivators are “in the mail” and it won’t be pretty.
    Meanwhile, thankfully, there is standard tech available in the independent field.


  2. Lana: You’re “worried” that DM and his ilk are distorting this whole process beyond the imagination? This is the witches brew that is Scientology now. Pick a process. I guarantee DM is doing the same thing to it. I figure these days, if you get out of Scientology with a case that DOESN’T need an FES and repair, you weren’t really doing anything. And sadly, we here in the field can’t do any FESing on folders from those who exited. We have to sort of root around and hope we find all those sticking points. (I’m sure there is a search-and-destroy remedy, like a Green Form or C/S 53 or some such; I just don’t know what it would be.) The worst part is that a lot of those who exit after all the abuse may simply disappear. I’ve known some like that. This will have to be part of our routine message in Reformed Scientology– yes, we can and will fix what the Church did to you. Just give us a chance.



  3. “If you make present time a snarling hostility to the pc, he of course does not want to come into present time…”

    DM’s present time is a snarling hostility, for him and in his dramatization, for others.

    We know this valence – it’s the Suppressive Person.

    We know how to handle it and its effects.

    Islands of succor in a sea of Bank dramo.

    Wonderful job to the auditor and well done to the preclear for staying a course that IS the road to truth.


  4. It is disgusting is that the church is putting many New OTVs onto “the Survival Rundown”.
    There MIGHT be a VERY FEW OTVs who need it, but that should be rare.
    Putting almost all (or all) OTVs onto it is a clear attempt to sabotage the Bridge; behaviour we have come to expect of David Miscavige.


  5. one can only wonder what having to force a being into present time, handle control issues and increase havingness at that level is a solution for… lol


  6. Here’s my WIN on CCHs with just the-few hours necessary to complete – done at the right time – early on the bridge – NOT otherwise.


    I happened on a master of Life
    Creating time and space
    She thought of me and there I was
    Kneeling before Her Grace

    We looked across a universe
    To a blue star below
    Where eight billion souls were acting
    In one immortal show

    We saw the clowns – and villains play
    Courting chaos and death
    We saw heroes and heroines
    Trying to save the rest

    But oh! So many could not see
    The master and I above
    The creative mind invisible
    The gentle gaze of love

    She turned my face to other stars
    With a third eye to see
    How actors enter and take leave
    On the stage of eternity

    And thereupon that midnight eve
    I was finally free
    I forgave the actors – one and all
    And begged:
    They might forgive me.

    Rights Reserved


  7. Of course. Scientology Grades, Levels and rundowns are, for Miscaviage, commodities. He introduces change into rundowns or levels or grades that will ++ add time ++ to the usual auditing. Why? To make more money. This is where OT Eligibility came from. You want a treat? Read the LRH on OT Elig. He did it with NOTS and SOLO NOTs where he introduced HUGE arbitraries to the procedures.

    He hasn’t a clue what a thetan is nor does he understand the mind. Everything he does is with the intention of “fleecing” his flock of “Gold Humanitarians” for more and more money. Whatever the Church of Scientology used to represent is long gone and is replaced with the “Slick Willy Wall-Street Shuffle”.


  8. Have anyone seen how convoluted are the phrases of ‘Da Miscarrier’ on his speeches?!

    Now he is doing a similar in the altered definition about “tech”?! At such an extent as that exampled?

    How come the actual parishioners allow that in front of KSW?


  9. One should come to OBSERVE that The Bridge is constructed in a gradient and on very precise all encompassing definitions.

    “Session: The preclear interested in his own case and willing to talk to the auditor.”

    No more than that. And no less than that.

    So the Objectives, CCHs are just to “put a preclear there”. With you. Then, auditing in a more formal and subjective fashion can be carried out well.

    This step is a preparatory step. Of course the pc will be having his rudiments out continuously, and for that are the next Lower Grades. So with each step, the auditing becomes more perfect as it is defined.

    It is not necessary at all to have him “aware of other people”. It would be good as a manifestation of his confront on the environment but it is not part of the definition of session. That would be let to be handled above, in his Grades O, I, II. That is what those Grades are for!!!

    So we start to create a “perfect session” step by step from scratch. From bottom all the way up. Our first concern is to clean up all the confusion and the mess to have a true session. That does not preclude to audit someone in whatever state we find him or circumstances we are in!

    We clean up first by some Life Repair. Usually. We do it the best we can with what we have in hands. Ethics handlings, assists, short formal sessions, you name it. That should bring him up to recognize that HELP is possible and he is INTERESTED in his own case (advancement) which is also part of the pre-session factors. What a marvel to see how these seemingly unrelated part of the Tech actually aligns perfectly!

    Then… we try to perfect that “session” definition.

    Fist. We put a preclear there. So he is not lost in his mind nor somewhere else because of drugs. We put it in his head, the best we can.

    Second. We put him MORE there by the CCH, which is also have him to be controlled and make him able to control himself. Which is a necessary part of a successful communication cycle, at the end, we are trying to get him to talk to us (per the definition of “session”, aren’t we?

    Third. We make him more interested in his case, again part of the definition of “session”, by ARC Straight Wire… he gets to that point where he is no longer so reluctant to seeing into his mind. The exact EP of that Grade is actually “Know he/she won’t get worse”. Well that fact makes him more willing to keep talking to the auditor!!

    In this fashion we are perfecting with every step, each and every aspect of the definition of “session”.

    So we got to Grade O: Communications. The ability attained is: “Willing to talk to anyone about any subject”. Well that definitively includes the auditor… se now we haver perfected all the aspects of “session”.

    Preclear? Is there. CHECKED!
    Interested in his own case? Yes, indeed, is not avoiding it. CHECKED!
    Willing to talk to the auditor. Completed. CHECKED!

    Then we could spect to crash into some barriers, which is why the next Grade deals with PROBLEMS.

    And so The Bridge goes on and on… unfolding the case with every Grade.

    To pretend to have all the gains in the very first step is not only unpractical (and if there was a practical guy, it was LRH) but it makes auditing lengthly. No wonder people could be in Objectives for months or years! Really?!

    We should know our basic definitions COLD and HOT, by which which mean: Exactly, verbatim, with no doubts. And HOW it relates with the rest of our knowledge and the overall practice and application of The Tech.

    I wish we all had a simple dictionary, a simple panorama, and right guidance to grasp and use the simplicities of Scientology upon which is created the (somewhat) apparently lengthy Standard Tech.

    All is laid down there in the basic definitions. The job is to reach the perfection on them.

    I wish all those parishioners lay their eyes in this short essay of mine!


    • I apologize for some type errors and else… as I was to much in a hurry writing that in a very small screen.

      PS: ARC SW makes the pc more willing to keep talking to the auditor about “that stuff he is carrying in his mind”… which is a way to say that he is or could be interested in “that stuff he is carrying” = his case. So this step work in both comm lines, from pc to mind and from pc to auditor.

      It is the softest of the “auditing actions” as it deals with pleasant and happy moments. And it is carried out as extracted from the THETA-MEST theory, on Science of Survival: You audit from the less en-theta towards the more en-theta as material becomes available. This is equivalent to scan locks before going into secondaries, as The Chart of Human Evaluation and Processing guides to do.

      All those BASIC THEORY CONSTRUCTS are the very foundations, the warp and woof, of all The Bridge, and LRH stated it many times.

      We have just to know it cold first. Then connect the dotes. And then we get to know it HOT (how to apply, live, breath Scientology wisdom).

      I LOVE IT!


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