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  1. Residence: Minnesota.
    Familiar with CofS.
    Pandeterminisms: none, i.e. – no asymmetric warfare, OSA, debunking, reporting. Might be pre-psychologist some day.

    What are prices? You are new/old OT? States delivered? Purif?

    All questions welcomed.

    • Thanks runWild,
      I have answered your questions by email and we can continue that conversation there.
      Cheers- Lana

  2. My apologies Lana, but that have not been my experience in this blog for the brief time I’ve been involved with it , either just reading the posts or commenting on them.

    • Davis/Peter,
      At this time it is becoming clear you have a different agenda or purpose. You are unhappy with your Milestone Two Blog experience — and since arriving here a few days ago, your comments have been a barrage of inval and generalities about how “we” (who ever that is) are not applying the tech). You are not honest on who you are, or what you are actually wanting, and you even promise an article but it has not been sent. This is an Open House, but we escort visitors (and trolls) out the door if they decide to use it as an opportunity to attack the guests or host. You have been warned.

      • Lana, greetings first. This a typical answer I get from most bloggers of supposedly 100% on Source scientologists. By the way you don’t have to post this. It is a comm to you only if you want to keep it that way. Your choice. Shouldn’t it be obvious, Lana, that I don’t give my real name if I am still part of the current Church lines? Don’t I have a right to remain under the radar just as many of your posters am sure did at some point? I have a daughter I adore, you know, I don’t want to risk not seeing her. Cause if that were to happen, the Church would have an enemy that would make others look like kids playing, I can garantee you that. I don’t want it to get to that.

        As to my agenda, very simple :

        1. A complete 100% on Source evaluation of the current scene of CofS, free from any HE&R, free of any past BPC, resilting in a REAL WHY that one can do s/g about from the resourses availables and from the position where one is.

        2. A Church back in its rails exactly as LRH wanted, where ONLY standard Tech, ethics and Admin is applied and administered

        I am not OSA. I DON’T work for anyone in the CHURCH. I am just a Lonner who wants to do s/g about it, not for me, not for the independent field

        • Hi Peter,

          To be totally clear, this is an Open House — and you are welcome no matter who you are. Just remember that people who are reading and commenting are Scientologists, like yourself, who want to see things better.

          Milestone Two is not a new Sea Org (we were accused of that in early days) and we do not manage or oversee activities in the field. Everyone here has their own view and reality on the current scene in the church and what needs to be done about it, and if you are hoping to see an article that lays out a battleplan of how to remove DM or a clear strategy based on an evaluation, you will not find one here, and few people will be willing to put one forward.

          If you wish to do so – that is up to you — but that is not actually the purpose of this blog, which is simply about getting tech applied across the dynamics.

          Having worked at the Int base for 13 years, I am fully aware of the current circumstance with Church management, and the severity of the situation — but do I feel that embarking on a full out war with them will solve anything? No. It will not. In fact, I have found that the majority of staff and parishioners within the C of S, even if involved in all manner of off-policy and out-tech projects, are people of good will, are honest and just trying to do what they believe is right, based on the information they have, at this time.
          We work to simply clean up BPC, get out-tech sorted, case by case, and get people winning again — and interestingly enough, when that happens, things resolve in many respects and on many fronts. It is hard work, unpaid, and only done because we know what is right, and we are clear on what our purpose is.

          If you want to assist with your shoulder to the wheel, you are welcome. Are you a trained auditor?

          • Greetings Lana. I think it would be best if you take out my posts. It seems I created more upset than being of any help. You don’t need more entheta on your blog that is already running around at other sites. I’ll be posting in the future in ways that might actually be of more assistance to others with new viewpoints to look at some current scenes from, that might have not been taken into account but are, I think, very useful.

            I understood your comment regarding the lack of a full evaluation on the Church current state of affairs, and about not too many scientologists being willing to put one foward. I will limit my posts to comments/articles more aligned to your blog’s purpose so as to not disperse the posters.

            I intend, however, to start working on a full evaluation myself and will look for a way to make it known away from your blog. You can then decide whether you want to post it or not on your blog. I don’t want to try to force it on anybody. It will be placed where anyone will be able to retrieve any time they want.

            I do humbly ask for something : I have many unanswered Qs that some of you, old-timers who were at the sea org, can probably answer. I will need a lot of data that it is not available directly on any Church. Data that would greatly assist me to follow my way through it. I also will need a way to get old editions of LRH books and Tech vols, Inspector General Network Bulletins on Gat 1 and Gat 2, Int SNR C/S bulletins (specially on Gat 1 and 2) , flag Source magazine from 80s to PT and videos or video transcripts from old international events. If you know of a place or person from where to get those or buy them, please let me know. I have a lot of work to do and REALLY intend to do it.

            What is needed here Lana, is a very through chronological research of all changes that have happened since the 80s ; read every issue not from LRH, every IGN Bulletin, every Int SNR C/S Bulletin and every other type of issue not-LRH. Whatch every event (get stats data from them, new releases, who was there).

            Get each HCOB from previous editions of Tech vols and examine in detail which were cancelled,how and why. Who changed them, who had the authority. Which HCOBS are missing but no inf available if cancelled or not. Which areas exactly of the Tech has been the ones with more “legal” alterations and by who and when exactly.

            Compare each Gat book (basics) to those of old editions SPECIALLY to the 1991 release. Each page, what was changed, how the changes compares to the allegations of COB in The Basics event. This is currently being done in a site call “True LRH”. Very interesting indeed. Also on site call “Old-Wise-Goat” , you can find a very in-depth analysis of many scientolgy subjects. The guy is an excellent researcher.

            With a full research like that, very well documented with evidence, a way to make it known to all scientologist of the planet will need to be found based on a complete evaluation. Every tech alteration will be recorded,evidenced. A complete stat analysis will be provided, all very well presented with undeniable proof. Nothing that can’t be proved will be included, no hearsay evidence.

            You just can’t stop TRUTH . It will find its own way. TRUTH, well presented will create an unstoppable avalanche, I can garantee you that. All is needed is a coordinated effort and I am looking for players who are willing to risk everything. I am.

            Let me know of ANY assistance you can provide. Take care and keep it up.

            ARC, PETER D. TORRES

            • One of the beauties of the communication formula is that if we maintain the discipline of the comm cycle, and work to make sure we have duplication and thus understanding, we can unravel anything. I appreciate that you kept on communicating till we sorted things out, and I am not concerned about your posts or “entheta”. I would rather leave the comments up and the subsequent conversations, as they make it clear to others as well.

              I, and many others, have no problem on providing information regarding the past, and in fact there is a new Scientology History project which is, in essence, going to be doing as you lay out (see recent article on this).

              When I left the SO in 2005 I was confused and in mystery about how things could have gotten so bad. It took me a lot of my own questioning, research and looking to figure out what is what, and why and how that occurred. I too have done more than a little soul searching to try and work out what to do about the current situation when there is a power-crazy, litigious and truly psychotic individual running the C of S — who has, in the past 30 years, financially, economically and emotionally crushed anyone who has tried to get him removed, or take action to break the monopoly that he has.

              There is a long string of individuals and groups that have been crushed — and I have personally witnessed him taking out every executive worth his salt so there is no one to challenge him and his hold/influence (Leserve, Yager, Mitthoff, Wilhere, Ingber, Starkey, Cook, Bellin, Annie and many, many others)

              When the severity of the situation is confronted, it drives any social personality down scale — unless there is something that each individual can do about it. Every person, whether in the Church or outside of it, can do something about this situation. There is something THEY can personally do to get the situation remedied, regardless of the fortress that DM has build around himself (physically, legally and otherwise). And it is incredibly simple.

              By simply taking a piece of LRH technology and applying it standardly, and insisting that it is done per the reference, a change is made and the departure for the ideal scene jumps out. By pointing out basic policy violations and disagreeing with them — by just observing the obvious that is occurring in their area, and standing up and saying NO!, there is an amazing chain of events that then occur. Group bank is only the winner when people bow, submit and go effect of it. It dissolves when the majority say NO!

              As you point out, any Why must be something that you, and me, and everyone else, can do something about — which means that the Why MUST lie within the provenance of our own actions and responsibilities. It does not lie in the Courts, or as a secret strategy plotted behind closed doors. It lies within each of us to simply say NO to group bank, out-tech and off-policy actions that are perpetuating the situation and supporting the current regime.

              You are welcome here, Peter. Again, thanks for continuing to communicate, and my apologies if I misduplicated you early on.

              Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

              • Thank you Lana, you are a good leader.

                I agree with you. I never thought about Courts nor “secret strategies” but on the same line of thought of getting scientologists to indicate and protest about off-policy, out-tech and out-admin handlings and programs. But I think than an strategy is needed to fully document out-points and departures from the ideal scene. With a full evaluation done after a full research as I laid out, resulting in WHYs that can be acted upon, scientologists world wide can be briefed on the findings getting thus, de-PTSed. Many scientologists today in the Church are robotized due to hidden Supression and false data.They hang up at doubt due to the same phenomena. With current Church “policy” of “suggesting” (more like forcing) scientologists not to google-search SCN, they has no means of finding out about blogs like yours. The very few that risk it anyway, if not very well trained in PTS/SP and Data Series, hit Rinder’s or Rathbun’s or anti- scientology sites or very nattery scientologist type of sites, and go PTS, get overwhelmed and get lost or go to “Dark SIDE”. Thus a means of getting the correct comm to ALL scientologists must be envisioned as part of a de-PTS strategy. Just remember the big impact Debbie cook’s e-mailed letter to thousands of scientologists had. She was able, from his CO position, to get a hold of many,many people. There has not been a case like that before or after. Just imaging doing something similar on a much,much broader scale and with a briefing very well thought of designed by top trained people based on full research and evaluations. Just imagine the big impact. It is whithin our reach, s/g we CAN DO from our current positions, s/g WE can control. The rest will follow. Scientologists on the lines and Top executives (the mayority of them 80%) Will do the rest. Scientologists properly briefed with TRUTH can not be underestimated.

                We can take OUR Church back. Is is NOT DM’s Church. It belong to ALL of us. We can stop the bad PR scn has gotten over the past years and revert the scene. It CAN be done. It MUST be done.

                Arc peter

      • Lana, greetings first. This a typical answer I get from most bloggers of supposedly 100% on Source scientologists. By the way you don’t have to post this. It is a comm to you only if you want to keep it that way. Your choice.

        Shouldn’t it be obvious, Lana, that I don’t give my real name if I am still part of the current Church lines? Don’t I have a right to remain under the radar just as many of your posters am sure did at some point? I have a daughter I adore, you know, I don’t want to risk not seeing her. Cause if that were to happen, the Church would have an enemy that would make others look like kids playing, I can garantee you that. I don’t want it to get to that.

        As to my agenda, very simple :

        1. A complete 100% on Source evaluation of the current scene of CofS, free from any HE&R, free of any past BPC, resulting in a REAL WHY that one can do s/g about from the resourses available and from the position where one is.

        2. A Church back in its rails exactly as LRH wanted, where ONLY standard Tech, ethics and Admin is applied and administered

        I am not OSA. I DON’T work for anyone in the CHURCH. I am just a Loner who wants to do s/g about it, not for me, not for the independent field, not for a priviledged group at the Church, but only for Humanity. I am not on any side but on “doing what is right for everybody” side. I am blunt, clear and direct and don’t have time nor desires to be liked, to chat over coffee, to talk about life in a beautiful afternoon, to philosophize about the Tech, etc. I am looking for products and results in “my agenda”. Don’t care about anything else. I am not looking for friends certainly, either.

        I guess it was probably a mistake to have posted in the first place. I have many disagreements as to how you guys ( meaning you and the others founders) are conducting your affairs concerning the Tech. I am not so sure that you even want to hear it. There is so many outpoints I am seeing that nobody else seems to notice or care about. I probably will just let you be and play the game you as a group want to play and not interfere any more. If at time you really, really wants to find out what I mean and what I have observed, I will be more than happy to comm. But you have.to be willing to really listen and honestly inspect what I have to say.

      • I wish you well, disagreements apart. As to my article, I promise I will write it in the next days. I have really been very stuck at work. You can inspect it and post it afterwards if you really want it, I will not think any less of you if you discard it, it is your right and your blog.

        My complete name is Peter Davis Torres Rios, by the way.

  3. There must be something in the air. Or maybe that red moon. I’m ready to fight “The 30 War” again.

    Not against you, Lana, or the Milestone 2.

    Peter, if we could reform the church and bring “Standard Tech” back to what is was in about ’82 (the year is debatable) or so and get rid of that “Coup” crowd and of course DM and make the Church like it was when Ron was around, hell I’d rejoin.But we can’t. The Church died with Ron in 1986. It is the “Indy” movement who will shape the future of Scientology

    The “Apostate” crowd is who I’m steamed at. If they stop trying “reform” The Tech (Rathburn) or use their inside information to tell how things “really were”. (Rinder.) I wouldn’t be so mad.They do great as “whistle blowers”. Horrible at Tech improvement or historical revisionism. And some “Apostates” pander to “wog” journalists (the “Apostate” crowd hates the word “wog”. I like it.)

    (Well. I’ve withholds from Rinder. I would use his blog to :mess with OSA. I also found out some real interesting stuff while playing those games, too. I’ll keep the withhold and stay silent on that.)

    Scientology is not going away. It will be for here the next “trillion” years (Some “Apostates” have to apologize to their wog friends about “whole track” durations).

    I still don’t give my real name (I’m pretty sure OSA knows who I am though). Hell, I like wearing an “Avatar”. It’s from a book I like — “The Wheel of Time”,

    I’m going to find like-minded people and ignore the rest and train again. I need some auditing but training is I want. I know where to find it.

    • I understand you Ashaman. I think that may be , I have not expressed my thoughts that clear. So I’ll summarize my views :

      1. The C of S is OUR Church. It does not belong to DM or anybody else but to ALL scientologists. It IS NOT DM’s Church as has been described; it is OUR Church run by DM.

      2. All troubles and sits have a REAL WHY. ANY sit can be handled.

      3. DM has as much power as we grant him

      4. By electing anything/anyone Cause, you get controlled by it/him

      5. By having two groups, we disperse people’s att and lose power and credibility (in non-scientologists minds).

      6. For the Indi field to be effective regarding planetary clearing, it must have all OEC policies IN : ORG Boards,hats,lines,Orgs, an excecutive structure, a Network, etc,etc,etc

      7. The current CofS has all the needed lines IN, all the structure and Networks as laid out by LRH. I am NOT talking about standard Tech or not; that’s another issue. I am talking about ORGANIZATION.

      8. COB is NOT,NOT,NOT,NOT an all-powerful God . He is just simple a man, no better than anyone else.

      9. SPs confronted by people who really know PTS/SP tech and have confront enough to apply all of it, would shatter.

      10. The field can keep handling bogged cases, BPC due to injustices,training, whatever (as long as 100% On Source) and serving as a safe place for the wounded ones and fallen ones while at the SAME TIME, other group of people is working on a full evaluation to find a STRATEGY to get the Church back in its rails.

      11. Many scientologists are robotized due to PTS phenomena and unable to come out of doubt due to suppresion and false data. They will just not, as individuals, necesarily fight back and be able to confront and spot outpoints by themselves.Someone HAS to show them with FACTS anyone can see and prove. FACTS, not generalities, attacks to individuals like DM or whoever but with data every scientologists can observe by themselves.

      12. Because scientologists are usually indoctrinated into not google-search about SCN (specially “entheta” sites) , an strategy HAS to be designed to REACH them and to get them to READ the data. We MUST,MUST REACH THEM ALL.

      13. Scientologists thus contacted Will de-PTS enough (enough gentle cuase) to be able to spot outpoints more easily and will begin protesting in VOLUME.

      14. High current Church executives will develop confront enough to ACT. They are there to be found and we can always fix them and put them back together, that’s what we do best.

      15. ONLY through O/Ws can be really be controlled. ONLY through them can you get PTS.

      16. A being with cleans hands a clean heart CAN’T be hurt. We MUST get free of O/Ws with Church terminals, DM, to avoid the mutual out-ruds phenomena that can individuate us and make us lose ground.

      17. With a RIGHT WHY found ( WE DO NOT HAVE IT YET, REST ASSURED), people will cooperate all over the place. See Data Series 23 “Proper Format And Correct Action” pag. 98 MNS 1. An excellent ref for everyone to read and fully W/C.

      Those are my views and stable datums. I WILL follow them, I will succeed. I MUST.

      • Your points of 1 – 17 above are good views and stable datums. There are none that I would disagree with, and I am sure most of those involved with Milestone Two would concur.

        There is an additional body of work that can be applied as well — which is Group Dianetics — locating and running the engrams that are keeping the group enturbulated, keeping group bank restimulated, and preventing an organisation or group from succeeding or achieving its aims.

        The action of finding and running out those group engrams, is to a large degree, done by getting ALL factual information on what has occurred in incidents and situations for the group and presenting that information with no bias, rumor, or agenda.

        The current C of S is an ocean of arbitraries and engramic incidents over the last 30 years. This, in itself, continues to keep the group keyed in and PTS. Just recently restudied the Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin of 7 Jan 1951, which is very eye opening, and is a useful tool and technology to apply in hand with the Data Series.

        • Thanks , Lana. Parr 1 and 2 of your post to me, are EXACTLY the point I was trying to get across. See my previous post to you. I am reading your suggested LRH ref by the way, about Group Dianetics. VERY interesting indeed. Amazing what he already knew back then.

          Thanks again !!!

          ARC, PETER

  4. Pete.

    He’s some links to help with your research


    “Plain Old Thetan” is good guy and auditor and C/S with lots of experience.

    The site is a good resource. If your’re not OT3, careful what you click (I’m not a modern apostate like Rathbun who’ll throw that shit right your face.)

    From there you can link to sites that have: books older tech vols, older OEC vols, transcripts. All sorts of good stuff.


    The Wise Goat. I love this site. I get lost on it.
    Again, careful what you click,If you are OT3 or above, have ball.

    (You know I’ve been real nattery about Rathbun lately. I have no idea why. And I really don’t care.)

    • Thank you Ashaman, I am familiar with both sites. I get lost too, on wiseoldgoat site. He is an incredible researcher. Plain-old-thetan is a very clever guy. I sometimes disagree with him on some of his viewpoints (not about standard tech as he really know his bussiness) of LRH, but I have learned to go beyond disagreements and get from others what I think is useful and prosurvival and ignore the rest and let them just be.

      Thanks again. Regarding OT levels, not to worry.

      Arc, Peter Torres

  5. Ha!

    I don’t hate those guys or anything. They’re pretty fascinating characters. I disagree vehemently with Rathbun on many things, but then I admire him, too. I’ve read all his books and he’s a good writer.I would recommend “The Scientology Reformation” to anyone.

    He was very tight with DM for a long time. He more than anyone else, helped push DM to power.. He was rewarded for it, too. He trained at Flag and the Ship — and this is before the Tech went totally squirrel. In “Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior” he writes writes about his last days before his departure.He was at Flag just kind of hanging out, doing a little physical work, listening to lectures for months. He was pampered.

    Rinder reminds me of my brother too much of for me to be objective. I was on his blog a couple of weeks ago and discussing the original” apostates: Robert Vaughn Young, Pierre Ethier and Pat Broeker. These guys were not lightweights. They must have driven Rinder CRAZY. He went went a out of valence and then started missing my withholds. My departure from his blog was not graceful.

    Rinder is an old Apollo guy. He knew Ron. He’s an old time 2nd generation Scientologist. His “flavor” of Scientology is too “touchy feely” and “politcally correct” for my taste. He picks that up from Rathbun, I suppose.

    The Bane of the Freezone, Pierre Ethier: http://www.upperbridge.org/

    Robert Vaughn Young died. He was an old GO man. No site. His stuff is scattered all over the web.

    And our mystery man Pat Broeker. Here’s that famous event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HoCiQtVFLc#t=76

    The Dynamic Duo:

    • Thanks Ashaman, Many here have also had noisy or sudden departures from the blog you mention. When Third Party, politics and counter espionage was used to try and target us, we moved on. Just not worth the effort.

      I have said it before, and say it again — we have no war with Marty or with Mike. Being fully aware of the liabilities of games conditions, we realized that embarking on a games condition with them or with the Church is not going to solve the current circumstance.

      In fact, it will undoubtedly make the situation worse — thus we just get on with the business of applying standard Scientology to help people and to clean up the mess that is being left behind.

      There is so much bypassed charge. So much injustice. So much out-tech, Black Dianetics and Reverse Scientology.

      We (and by we, I refer to many) are just getting on with the business of sorting the situation out on a person by person basis. This resolves the upset, the confusion and the mystery, and progress is made.

      Lovely to have you with us.

    • I know what you mean. I never posted on them but read all postings and articles for months. I, too, disagree with them in many things. They kind of lost their way. They are in a continuous games condition regarding COB that just blind them to everything else. I use them mosly for research. You’ll be amazed what you can “read between the lines” if you are data-series-trained enough to be able to differenciate the facts from the bullshit.

      One curious thing about them is that the Church has not been able to effectively dead agent them in all this years as their “bad PR” just keeps going. As I deal in facts only, and things I can totally verify and prove beyond any reasonable doubt, I can’t either believe nor disbelieve their allegations regarding COB. I mean the beatings, the luxury life, the alleged RPF abuses. I wasn’t there. But if they are only alleged crazy SPs, who just lies through their teeth, how come the “How to handle black PR” tech has not worked that well ? Why investigating their crimes and broadly publishing them has not have the same result it had with TIMES magazine and Readers Digest ? Or with IRS ? Isn’t that a little bit strange ? That’s what I call being able to read between the lines.

  6. Davis,

    I read your 17 points but I hang on #1

    “1. The C of S is OUR Church. It does not belong to DM or anybody else but to ALL scientologists. It IS NOT DM’s Church as has been described; it is OUR Church run by DM.”

    Reference please. HCOPL, Flag Order, anything that would justify “it is OUR Church RUN BY DM.”

    By who’s authority does he run the Church? PL please. Reference?

    Show me something.

    Ron didn’t appoint him. Ron didn’t pass his hat to him.

    Flag Order 3879 made Pat Broeker “Loyal Officer” a new rank in Sea Org and directly above the rank of captain.

    Who is Pat Boeker? Why does Rinder hate him?.Why does Rathbun hate him?Why does Miscavage hate him? Hardly anyone knows who his is. He’s the most maligned scientologist on the internet. Except for maybe Ron.

    Rinder would say “he took money from Miscavage and Miscavage threatened him with the IRS.”

    Rathbun would say “he was spending Ron’s money in Vegas”.

    Miscavage chased him with PI’s for 20 years. He also cancelled FO 3879. Said it was a forgery.

    Who the hell is this guy?

    I could spend the rest of day linking to articles all over the internet but I won’t — except for the “famous “event” which I already posted above.

    • Greetings Ashaman. The fact IS that DM IS running the Church, OUR Church. I didn’t mean he was appointed by LRH or that he was qualified to do so ; he IS NOT. I am sure of that much. I KNOW he was not appointed by ANY PL or FO. I was merely getting the point across that it IS OUR Church, nothing else. We don’t need to abandon it or forget about it or having to hide or anything. He has just as much power over anybody as they grant him and nothing more.

      About Pat Broeker, I’ve seen the video. Don’t know much about him though other than the alleged FO you mentioned and that he was with LRH during his last years. He seems to have vanished from Earth. Oh, I would love to interview him. He is the KEY to many unanswered Qs about the las years of LRH.

  7. That isn’t right. It’s like writing in ink. There maybe a way to edit on here but I don’t know what it is.

    Pat can’t be the most maligned guy on internet when nobody knows who he is.

    Let me restate that. DM, OSA, upper management, hate the guy. The Apostate crowd hates the guy.

  8. I get to point 6 and just shake my head.

    I’m not a green on white guy but what you suggest sounds expensive. And my local org couldn’t Clear the street their on because there are so few trained people.

    Get rid of that pompous sounding “Golden Age of Tech” and go back to real LRH checksheets, And AUDIT. Everyone in org should be an auditor and on a co-audit.

    That’s where the Indies got the church beat.

    They can go on E-bay and buy a very good e-meter for a couple hundred bucks. If it’s broke, an indy guy will it fix or show you how to change the batteries yourself. They don’t need some fancy building audit in. Someone’s living room will do just fine.

    We’re auditors. We’re KSW people, We’re Standard Tech people and we are very tiny sect. We don’t need a bunch administrators chasing us around.

    The culture of the present day church is bizarre. The IAS and “Ideal Org” statuses and the money obsession of the church have brought about feudalism. I’m just a simple peasant. The church offers me nothing.

    • You are right — there is currently a massive management structure that makes up the Sea Org that generates more cross orders, illegal orders, Dev-T and destruction than is conceivable.

      There is basic LRH policy on org form, and the body of work on this is clear. We generally refer to it as LRH’s management technology.

      Policy for the sake of policy, or unwieldy red tape and management structures, or arbitraries used to stop or slow or cross order, are not needed (and there is much of this visible in the C of S). Any org ED will tell you that they are hit all day long with a torrent of orders and demands, and rarely just allowed to get on with wearing their hat and doing their job. Constant musical chairs and continual violation of command channels – not to mention RTC arms into every Advanced org and Commodore’s Messenger org, cross ordering everyone, is one of the reasons the existing orgs remain so unstable, robotic, and unthinking in their compliance to illegal, out-tech and off-policy orders from above.

      In 1997 COB implemented the New Era of Management which made a bad scene even worse. Then he implemented the Ideal Org program — god forbid. Now we have vast buildings that are empty, uninviting and are such a departure from what Scientology orgs are SUPPOSED to be (a friendly, caring, island of sanity).

      Stripping back and sorting out the existing scene is a massive project. It will have to be done at some point, as the existing policy, structure and programs of the C of S are destructive and not in alignment with that basic LRH management technology (and in fact violate it in many, many ways). They will only continue the downward spiral if they continue to operate as they do.

      This situation is not a complex one however, and taking the basic management technology and applying it to the existing scene does work — just as all tech does.

    • Greetings, Ashaman. With my point 6 , I was refering to the need to aply all OEC policy as the ONLY means of expansion,organization and planetary clearing. Even that I FULLY VALIDATE the Indie iniciative, as far as achieving the goals of SCN, ORGANIZATION TECH as laid out in the OEC is is the ONLY way to achieve such goals. There is simply NO other way around it.

      It would just be ILLOGICAL to start from scratch when we have in the current Church,the structure, hats,lines,networks,org boarding,buildings, Orgs, Bridge Pub, etc, etc, etc.

      Granted : there is much “Policy” in Cof S that have been set illegally ; the “New Era Of Management” bullshit iniciative ; the arbitrary “Have before to Do” Ideal Orgs iniciative. But ALL those programs are Not LRH-based and no where to be found in OEC policies.

      It all seems very confused and overwhelming but it is, actually, not that hard to resolve. A very applicable policy is Data Series 41RA “EVALUATION: THE SITUATION” MNS 1 pag. 160 section “Change” I quote : “ONE MORE TIP ON THIS WHOLE SCENE. IF YOU CAN’T FIND THE WHY, YOU REVERT. I LEARNED THIS ABOUT LIFE OUT OF PLANT RESEARCH. I FOUND OUT THAT YOU WENT BACK TO THE POINT OF MAYOR CHANGE IN A GREENHOUSE OR A GARDEN AND CORRECTED IT THE SECOND YOU SAW PLANTS DYING” End of quote.

      We need to go back to the points of MAYOR changes and just revert it back to how it were. We do it IN the Church after Taking it back and we have all the structure there left BY LRH, NOT DM, to handle then, all SCN matters world wide. We do this by properly evaluating the current sit, finding the correct WHYs that can be acted upon, getting a Bright idea to handle using the existing AVAILABLE resources, writting a long program for it with ALL Targets types, assigning them to specific hats for execution, supervising its excecution and getting DONES.


      • Hay Peter,

        You make sense. Yes, I agree. Sounds good.


        Planetary Clearing.

        There are not enough auditors. Maybe in the ’70s. “Modern Scientologist” think we were a bunch rabble back then. Not so. Sure we were casual and drove dumpy cars and had steamy sex with our girlfriends. But we were Pros. We probably got more TA in a day than the church gets in a month. And there were a lot of us. We were falling out the windows. Nearly everyone was an auditor and co-audited. We thought we could Clear the planet.
        (Please don’t refer me to the“Pain and Sex” HCOB. I’ll refer you to the “Mission Earth” books. You guys are so Victorian theses days.)

        Which brings us to the culture. The Feudalism. Being upstat defined as having great wealth. I remember a hard working staffer drive his beat up 1988 Bronco in. And then the very wealthy, very upstat “whale” park his sleek BMW nearby. Guess who was deferred to, treated with utmost respect, allowed goofball schedules on course, if he ever came on course, and treated oh so well. It wasn’t the staffer. I have no problems with having a lot of cash and a nice car. I I have problems with kissing ass.

        And the IAS. I need say no more.

        The Sea Org. Now, I have nothing against the Sea Org. In fact I have friends in the Sea Org (OSA ALERT!) There’s some good people in the Sea Org. Lana used to be in the Sea Org.

        But there’s some not so good people in the Sea Org. In fact, all the big Apostates are EX-Sea Org

        Take Chris Shelton. Big EX-Sea Org whistle blower. This would be writer thinks he’s going to tell me about the Tech and Ron? But he’s probably always done that. Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate. So fuck you, Chris, I was in the the real military.

        And Marty, and Mike and Headly and Debbie (it was a brave thing she did, but it’s that culture and all that money. I think it corrupted her. ((There’s more to her story.)) I think a lot of the Top Execs are corrupted with money and commissions. I’ll think that until I find out otherwise. I won’t include Karen on that list because she’s a Class 12 and she’s a good lady.)

        No matter where you go, there you are. An asshole in the Sea Org, an asshole as an Apostate.

        This culture of the church, I have no clue how you would fix it. It probably varies from city to city, org to org. But I’ve seen it in more than one city, more than one org.

        I started in Scientology in 1973, had a big case snarl in 92, left for 25 years. I came back in 2007 starved for LRH and dived into study. But occasionally I’d glance up and wonder what the hell is going on with this place. I just stayed on course. In the end, I came on Sundays or Friday nights. I had to get away from it. (Please no lectures on MU’s. I blew the stats out the roof in that place.)

        I had seen Scientology at its best and then I saw what Scientology became.

        • Peter,

          Your post is very clear and concise and I can’t argue with you. But
          I have to ask myself, do I want to spend the rest of this life, and next trying unravel that mess that’s the church. Or do I just want to get on with it?

          It was good try, but it didn’t work. So we cut our losses try again.

          • I perfectly understand you, Ashaman. I mock up this scenario of myself being at the Indie field meeting all these great scientologists who truly aply standard tech, who truly care. I might finally handle my so bogged case and find once and for all, where the hell am I really are at the briedge case wise. Unravel the big mistery surrounding my previous life as a scientologist and my arriving at this planet. I , being very happy in this scenario, meeting a lot of great friends with similar realities and similar KRC level, just forgetting about the current Church; changing my damn line of work and moving to the states, finally settling down, finding my right place. That scenerio just sounds marvelous !!!

            There is only one liittle problem, though : I WILL know at every minute of my existence that I could have done s/g about it and choose to ignore it.
            That I allowed the Church to go to hell w/out doing a damn about it. That I prefered a life of comfort, a life free of trouble and distractions, rather than taking responsability for the scene and trying to do what I KNOW,KNOW,KNOW, LRH would do.

            I don’t want a life free of trouble and distractions, I would have to EARN that. I have to EARN my freedom, and just ignoring my honor and my integrity and abandoning my beliefs and my FAITH that things CAN be made RIGHT, would just provide me a life of misery.

            In my case, I am done with that kind of life. I’ve been irresponsible just too long. No more. I am ready for what comes. I am ready for entheta,attacks and attempts to undermine my image and reputation. I am ready for long court battles if it comes to that. I am ready for Declare and disconection threats. I am ready to be investigated, to be harassed, to be black PRed. I AM READY.

            “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the strongest motherfucker in the whole world “

            • You make a good point. I understand what you’re saying.

              I wrote another reply and as I was about to post it your reply popped up. Here it is:

              I hope I didn’t offend. That wasn’t my intention.

              The 3D of Scientology in the 1970’s was very much different than it is today. The 3D of the culture at large would seep in but it was a very unique 3D in the church.

              Auditors were very important. No one was more important than an auditor.

              The mores of the group were influenced by Ron but not dictated by him. For me, him being alive was just a calming presence.

              The 3D of today is heavily influenced by the 3Ds of the upper middle class and the upper class. To move up the bridge, especially the upper levels, requires an extreme amount of money. Being wealthy is important in today s church. With it, you gain prestige, and admiration.

              A young person has to choose: Train,.


              Make a lot money.

              A guy joins the TTC, works his ass off, audits and audits.
              He works very hard at learning his craft, and then goes to work for very little. He Struggles to pay for a “Sponsor” level in the IAS. Struggles to pay for the ideal org. He has to work a wog job to stay afloat

              Or, works very hard learning the stock market. Learns about short sales. Makes a ton cash. Becomes a Patron, drives a fancy car and a nice house. Goes to the ship, and with very little training under his belt does OT8.

              So you got one 3D jammed on top another Most of the Staff are just middle class folks. And the public. I know a couple of truck drivers who love Ron. One sells DMSMH out of his truck. They’re nowhere on the bridge. In old days, some student would grab these guys and start auditing. In time they’d be grade 4.

              Yeah, there’s SRD and objective co-audits. I audited objectives for for a month full time on a guy. It was horrible. It was The Golden Age of Tech One. Overrun, Overrun Overrun Because I hadn’t done the year long metering course the Sups called the EP’s. My PC lived and he’s OK. He’s on the TTC now. (I hope he’s ok.)

              How do you change this? Some people wouldn’t want to change it.

              As much as I natter about Rathbun, his “Scientology Reformation” is pretty damn good. Well researched and well written, he tells it like it is, and explains it better than me. (His other books, yeah they’re good. But he reveals too much upper level material. Maybe Mark Bunker and that crowd can laugh at it, but you get a case that’s been opened and moving towards that area you can drive them out out of their minds. I know. I’ve been there. And it hasn’t done Mark Bunker’s case much good either)

              I look at Ideal Org promo pictures, I’ve received from the church. And there on the front row are the Lords and Ladies, The Dukes and the Duchess of the church, and behind them are peasantry. All my friends and all the staff.

              • Here’s what I recommend: Read “Mission Earth”.

                Why? You might not be into science fiction. You may not be into fiction. Because this is one of the last things Ron wrote.

                He was with Pat Broeker and Annie Broeker while wrote it. The book was edited by Robert Vaughn Young and he wrote some of it – The essay on parody and continuity sections between books. Robert Vaughn Young was Sea Org, Guardian’s Office and PHD in Philosophy plus he was a Marine. He drove Rinder Crazy. I’m sure he drove Rathbun crazy, too.

                These books are very racy and sometimes completely raunchy. And also very, very funny.

                “The Way to Happiness”, and “Mission Earth” give you hatting on how to deal with the 2nd Dynamic. If DM, with his myriad of 2nd Dynamic difficulties, ever figures this out. this book will disappear from Bridge. And those those cheap Kindle editions on Amazon will be gone, too. But he won’t be able to do much about the used book market.

                But it’s not for the 2D aspects that I recommend this book. It’s for 3D aspects.

                ( Second dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and the second dynamic (b) is the family unit, including the rearing of children. This can be called the sex dynamic – From the Tech Dictionary.)

              • No offence was taken, ASHAMAN. Sorry for the long comm lag replying to your comment. I have a lot of REALITY with your points. I was on staff myself back in the early ’80s. We too, used to audit in outside spaces when we were a very expanding Mission. I used to take rides home with a friend of mine who was on staff too, as I couldn’t afford a car. His car was a wreck but he was happy. We audited more than 40 hrs a week most of the time. Auditors were really respected and admired. We had a very stiff discipline applied to ourselves. The auditor’s code was followed with great HONOR. We TRULY CARED. Hard sale was really about caring for the individual not about stats, GI, or anything else. Now is a different culture, I agree. The ones who donate the most to IAS are the ones more ass-kissed
                even if they have never had a pc in front of them. It is all about money these days, about donating and status and kissing DM’s ass as a “Big Savior” of all scientologists. Talk about “Really Think for Yourself” , that’s long gone.

                A long time algo I worked impossible hours, was heavily underpaid, didn’t have a car, was under-fed,but I had an HONORABLE PURPOSE. I really CARED. Would have given my life to save someone. Today, I am not so sure anymore. It is all very dull and apathetic. But I never lose HOPE.

  9. It appears the Pat Broeker Youtube is down. You can find most of what you need to know at Pierre’s site: http://www.upperbridge.org/.

    (Now, these OSA guys watching my apartment — I’m pretty sure they’re OSA and they’ve been very polite — Pat ain’t coming around here. He’s “007”, “Jettero Heller”, and he’d smell you guys a mile sway. I’m always willing to talk. Might not tell you anything, but I’ll talk.)

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