We are setting up a monthly newsletter, separate to the Milestone Two blog, which will give our community a chance to make public announcements, post classifieds to buy or sell materials, look for co-audit twins, or simply promote their delivery services.

It will also give us a chance to keep our community connected and provide ongoing news from the Milestone Two activities, that are occurring across several different continents, whether that is ongoing delivery tours, translations, checksheets, dissemination, or more.

Register here to get connected.

If you have an item to include in the next newsletter — send it to admin@milestonetwo.org.




One thought on “Get connected

  1. This was a very excellent idea. I had thought just about this a few weeks ago and had failed to mention it. This is a very good way to connect people up, find co-auditors, find delivery groups, find out about the wins others are having , find materials, find friends with similar interests , offer your services as an auditor or C/S , etc,etc,etc. Well done on this. Div 2 going in (magazines).

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