Hey if you like the Milestone Two articles, and want to assist, you can help us.

Take a link of an article that you enjoy and share it around — on Facebook, on another website, commentary on another blog, or in emails to friends.

If you have a website or blog with recommended links or sites, please add Milestone Two’s blog to the list.

There is, unfortunately, quite some politics in the field. To be blunt, there are also people who just don’t want to see others winning with standard Scientology, and work covertly or overtly to get people out of Scientology permanently.

We have been well aware of a campaign to smear the name of Milestone Two and those that are part of it, since we started. But our view is that we are just going to continue putting a stable datum and a steady platform there for people who ARE Scientologists, and DO want to have the wins and gains from standard tech.

Nothing can shake our resolve on this.

So…. if you wish to support or help, simply mention this Milestone Two blog in commentary, in posts, or where ever you can. This lets others find us.

And so the network grows.

6 thoughts on “Help us

  1. This is a calming site. I run about the internet and cross paths with all sorts people: those who have been mistreated in the “hole”, those who believe the CST is ran by Marcabs, those who hate Hubbard, those who make less of scientologists. It can be a bit upsetting.

    But here I can relax, read good articles, read some interesting LRH, share my thoughts.

    This place is special and one of my favorite sites. (It’s taken me a while to figure it out but I will definitely share this site with others.)

    • Lovely to have you with us Ashaman.

      This is a safe space for Scientologists who enjoy and use the tech to improve their lives and the lives of others. Those who run Milestone Two have had their own journeys with the CofS, but we choose to focus on the workability of the tech, and the application of tech — rather than motivate, wage war, or simply natter.

      Your contribution to, and your dissemination of the site, is appreciated.

  2. I am a long-term Scientologist who came into Scientology in 1976. My husband and I set up the ACT Org in Canberra (it had been a group so we evolved it into a Mission and then a Class IV Org). Over the years, I started to see a great deal of abuse and out-tech situations to the point where I left Scientology for over 20 years. I came back in in 2006 and all went well while I was donating a lot of money and being a supplicant. However, Dave Cabbage (as my daughter calls him) is doing an excellent job of undermining all the help and love and compassion that LRH had in place as an intrinsic component of Scientology. I personally think Herr Dave hates people a lot! And then I found Milestone Two and it is with a great sense of relief that I can see here is LRH’s original intention being continued – help, love and compassion. Well done Milestone Two and thank God (or thank theta, if you like!) you are here.

  3. I agree. We all got into Scientology for a reason and those reasons are not the same ones as Dave Cabbage’s reasons. Milestone Two appears to be a fine refuge for those who still believe in the Original Tech. Thank you for what you do here.

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