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Milestone Two is a community of people who want to see that the LRH aims for Scientology are met.

There is no affiliation or connection with the Church of Scientology — as Milestone Two operates wholly separate from such.

In fact, the community comes from all corners of the globe, many practicing Scientology for decades. Some of Milestone Two’s members have been excommunicated by the Church of Scientology, some have departed publicly, and some have simply slipped quietly away.

Thank you to all of you, for working with us to put the LRH back into Scientology.

This blog and its articles are just a snap shot of the views and activities of Milestone Two members.

Our moderation policy has been simple from the beginning, and is as follows:

1. This blog is run by and for, a community of people who want to see that the LRH aims for Scientology are met. All persons are welcome to write articles and to post comments — as long as they keep in mind this purpose and the audience.

2.  This site is unquestionably “with LRH”, meaning that we will not tolerate generalities, attacks and natter about the man — which we have found, every time, is borne in ignorance or through false information provided by ‘sources’ that are themselves false.

3.  This is not a hate site — and good manners and politeness are expected. No one expects that everyone agrees, as life is made of many different view points.

But to be clear — this is an Open House, and persons who enter and then vomit all over the carpet and guests, are escorted out. Just makes sense really. There are many places for people who are disgruntled, nattery, critical and in a games condition regarding the subject of Scientology.  This  site is not one of them.

4. The first few posts an individual submits only appear after a moderator has read them. That individual’s posts thereafter appear immediately as long as he respects the basic policies of the blog.

5. Posts which violate the basic policies of remaining on topic, being reasonable, and polite to authors and other posters, result in the poster being “put in the corner” – his or her posts are again screened before appearing. One can redeem oneself and be let out of the corner simply by following the basic protocols expected.

6.  Posters who continuously violate policies are simply banned. Their posts are not even read for screening. We have only two of such persons to date.

7. A riding principle of this blog is that articles are kept above 2.0 on the Tone Scale — and we appreciate efforts by those commenting, to try and do the same.

Welcome to our blog — we hope you enjoy it.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I realize that other than destroy standard tech, the greatest crime DM committed was to destroy the trust fellow Scientologists had with each other… now we don’t know who we can trust

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